In loving memory


Wasn’t I cute?! Hahaha. Dorky, more like. Taken ages ago, could be more than 12 years since today, during our annual trip to Singapore.


9 responses to “In loving memory

  1. Aww so cute! That’s such a lovely picture. :,)

  2. Hahahaha. I look like a dork. Apa tu the cap ah. LOL! But I think it’s a good picture. I’ve got loads more taken with him, but this one made me smile the most.

  3. Make me want to pinch you.

  4. Mwahaha.. atu basar cap mu dang.. but I’ve to say.. we all kinda look like that dulu.. well I think I do.. sigh.. im welcoming myself to club! :lol:

  5. homaigawd!! KIUT! Same smile, Tina ;)

  6. Hehehe looking at this.. reminds me back in the primary days tina… heheh us with our cute uniforms and lunchbox… :D

  7. Nonnie, LOL! Your pictures from when you were young made me want to pinch your cheeks too! Haha.

    Atul, there was a pattern, kan? You just can tell what decade you grew up in. LOL.

    Ness, haha, thanks. I’ve got, like, cringe-worthy pictures of me when I was little that I’m definitely not putting up. Hahaha.

    Marlina, LOL! I remember my PGGMB uniform.. with those skirts and ponytails! Haha!

  8. Assalamualaikum Tina,

    I just found out you have a blog and then telihat ku ur pic waktu kanak2. At first,aku inda confident ani ur website until c pipah ckp it is u. Btw, you look so cute and you even look like my niece, maira hehehe :)

    Anyways, this picture of you and your late dad looks so sweet and loving. All the best in everything. XOXO

  9. Wa’alaikummusalam. :)

    I feel like haven’t seen you in a while!

    Thank you for dropping by, and making the effort by leaving a comment. That means a lot.

    And complimenting me on how I look when I was tiny too! ;D

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