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Art project.. bleh.

Oh wow. Who knew form 3 projects were really tough? Okay, fine, a form 3 perfectionist art student’s project was. My cousin’s a perfectionist, and he needed help with making his custom tissue box for his art project. He would have finished it the first time he asked for my help. That is, if he wasn’t such a perfectionist.

Every crooked line was no excuse to not make a new one.

I guess it’s okay because he sleeps over every alternate days in the week, but tonight, he’s got to finish it. It’s due on Thursday. He wanted to doze off by the time we’re halfway through the making the tissue box’s “tenunan”, the woven strips of paper to make a checked (black and white) pattern.

I would have taken pictures, but I think it’s not funny anymore. :P

So I pushed him until even I couldn’t handle the exhaustion anymore. It was nearly four in the morning when we finished the sides of the boxes. I said, “You can finish the top and the bottom on your own. I’m heading to bed.”

LOL. He couldn’t have agreed in a more enthusiastic tone. Imagine being sleepy and having an enthusiastic tone at the same time.

It’s like, “Yeay!zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..slobber.Whahuh?yeah…..”

Anyway. Off to bed for me, just feeling like letting it out. LOL.

So many things to do before the week ends, and it’s barely halfway through the week!

P.S.: I want to get rid of this hacking cough, it hurts, and it makes sleeping impossible.

P.P.S.: I’m sorry if you can’t understand a word in this post, and can’t really get the randomness of it all. Just.. too.. sleepy.


How do I find the perfect fit?

I am a bit depressed. If I put it the things I have in my mind down in a numbered list, maybe they won’t seem like a lot.

  1. I am broke.
  2. I haven’t talked to the boyfriend in ages. Something is going on on his end.
  3. I want a car that I can’t have.
  4. I don’t have a (full-time) job.
  5. Syawal is coming soon, and it’s the first without dad.
  6. Don’t even mention Ramadhan, it’s sooner.
  7. I am broke.
  8. I was supposed to be out with a friend, but in an unexpected turn of events, I’m at home.

I just have so many on my plate at the moment. Mind’s all jumbled up.

Because of thought #4, my mom’s been pushing me to post my resumes everywhere. Not that I don’t want a (full-time) job, it’s just that I’m the kind of person who needs to do one thing at a time. I can multi-task, but it’ll be messy — it’ll leave me a mess!

Because of thought #1, I can’t cheer myself up with things I can buy. Like, maybe, a DVD movie, or a Japanese meal.

Thought #2 is really the big problem here. If I had him to talk to, I can just forget about everything else. He’s like.. my everything. Even when I’m broke, or when I want a car I cant have, or when I don’t have a (full-time) job, or when I’m supposed to be out but not.. Or when I’m broke. Or when I don’t feel like posting my resumes everywhere.

I miss the boyfriend. :(


So I was viewing my Blog Stats, and I wondered why I’m getting hits from This is why:

Image is clickable. Don’t mind me. It’s just a first time for me, so I’m a bit new and really sakai in this. I’m thinking that I just categorized my post properly for the first time. LOL.

(It’s not April 1st, is it?)

Goodbye, Touareg

Another late post. Can’t sleep, can you blame me? I need to fall out of love!

I want a new car to fall in love with. I was at the Volkswagen showroom this afternoon, just to take a look at the Touareg.. I am head over heels with that piece of metal! Unfortunately, it is way too expensive for an unemployed girl like me. (Unemployed in a sense that I don’t have a full-time job.)

I wouldn’t have resorted to dropping by to the showroom if they had local prices to show online, but they hadn’t. And I had a hard time looking for them! I searched like so:

  • “touareg prices in brunei”
  • “brunei’s official car prices”
  • “volkswagen brunei distributor”
  • “online car dealer brunei”

Yes, I typed that last one out too, believe it or not. I was so tired of searching for how much it (roughly) costs. All of these searches leads to one good find. I read on one blog that it costs B$95k or so, and that was from an April post last year. That was just it. Nothing more, nothing less. ONE! On the whole world wide web! Pretty frustrating, if you ask me.

So I thought, okay. Fine. Whatever. Not that I wanted to buy it now. I just want to know if it’s even within my reach. That’s not wrong, right? Of course not. Anyway. Dropped by the showroom, asked a little here and there, and hey presto, it costs B$85k! Only, for bank loans, if you deposit B$40k, you have to pay B$700+ monthly for seven years. My mom and I did a little calculating, basically the whole thing will cost me (edited) my life!

But the price tag stays only on four of the remaining Touaregs they have in stock. New stock comes on a different, and a tad more expensive, price.

Mom says that the only solution to this is to pay it in cash. And where am I going to get that kind of money? By saving. And how much am I going to save each month? Fine.. say I get a job that pays basic salary for HND holders.. If I save B$1, 000, I’d be left with barely another thousand. What, am I going to save for 85 months? That seven years (and a month)! I would imagine there’d be new cars that I would fall in love with by then. Or, simple, the Touareg will lose its novelty in seven years (and a month.)

Of course, the price might also drop in that span of time.. but.. you know.. Plus! I do not save! Well, I do, but it is next to impossible, really. I try. I do, really. But I almost always fail.

My mom decided to comfort me by going to the Mazda showroom to have a look at the Mazda CX-7. Nice, but it’s no Touareg.


Tell me about another car to fall in love with, because I feel so heartbroken. CX-7 is not much of a rebound. Don’t mention anything about the Lexus. Don’t like them. Overrated. Not the beautiful Audi as well, because I bet that’s hell to maintain. I just heard about it, I know nothing about which cars are easy to maintain.

I’m rambling on and on about cars! Who would’ve thunk?

Maybe someone who owns a Touareg can bring me around town for a ride? HA. Dream on. (On a final note: Please la, if you think this post is really about falling out of love with the boyfriend, think again. :P)

UB’s second season rumours

I am such a freak. I have been reading up on season two of Ugly Betty. Well, rumours of the new season anyway. Nyeh.

So don’t read the rest of it if you are uninterested or you don’t want to know yet.

I read, here, that there’s going to be a new love interest for Betty other than Henry. And he’s going to be played by Freddy Rodriguez! Here’s a snippet:

And what of the ill-fated love birds Betty and Henry? In one of the final scenes, he was headed to Arizona, along with his evil, possibly pregnant, girlfriend Charlie. “Well, there is a pretty good chance that Henry comes back,” revealed Christopher Gorham, his portrayer.

“I can’t tell you how he comes back. I can tell you that you cannot miss the first five minutes of the first episode of season two. It’s one of the funniest scenes that we have shot to date. It’s a Betty, Henry, Charlie scene. It’s subtitled. It’s really incredible.”

I am totally interested about the first five minutes now. LOL. Subtitled? I imagine it to be in nerd/dork language that certain nerds like me won’t understand, let alone the rest of the world? Haha, okay, that might not even be possible. But I’m excited!

Someone’s promised to burn it onto CDs for me as soon as it comes out, so yeay!

Unfortunately, there is a definite possibility that Santos is dead. Something about the guy who plays him, Kevin Alejandro, is on a totally different network now. Pity. He was starting to grow on me, what with him wanting to marry Hilda and doesn’t care how his son couldn’t even throw a football.

I might just overdid it with the consumption of my favourite seasonal fruit, durian kuning. Currently having a hard time swallowing. IT HURTS. What do they call that anyway? I just know the one in Malay, they call it sakit menalan. Any ideas?

Should head to bed now, going to visit dad tomorrow. I haven’t visited in what feels like ages. I really miss him.

Comments will be replied to soon! :D

My take on Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty didn’t spark any interest of mine when it first came out. I’m always late to jump on the bandwagon, because I prefer to have the whole season out on DVD so I don’t have to wait every week for a new episode. Okay, I’m not always like that, but I was with Ugly Betty because I couldn’t be bothered.

But.. One glorious day, which usually falls on the day that pay is out, I wasn’t particularly spoiled for choice when I paid a visit to Joey Joe, my favourite DVD store. I spotted the complete first season of Ugly Betty, and I thought, “Hm, why not?” So I did.

And I only finished watching Ugly Betty’s yesterday.

September 27th can’t come any sooner! Second season airs on that date, and trust me, I’ll be braving the Trojan viruses this time around just to see what happens in the first episode. By that, I meant downloading torrents, of course. But I’m going to ask around first before I start this bad habit again. ;)

(Warning: Either hate me for posting them up, or stop reading from this point on. Ugly Betty spoilers ahead.)

So, all right.. I’ve never had favourite episodes before on any TV series, but on Ugly Betty, I fell in love with episode 21, Secretaries’ Day. I have to say it’s mostly influenced by Henry Grubstick. Don’t you think he and Betty are adorable?!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Image above was a scene from Secretaries’ Day. When he was semi-conscious, saying the three little words. I practically shrieked when he did that! Romance on TV and in the movies, in my opinion, rarely warm the heart anymore because it seems like they are.. I don’t know, nothing new.

But when Henry, played by Christopher Gorham — trust me, this isn’t the last time his (character/real) name will be mentioned on this post, said those words, he seemed so sincere albeit semi-conscious.

Another favourite episode of mine is the season finale, 23rd episode, East Side Story. The goodbye made by Henry to Betty when he decided to move with Charlie back to Tucson! I CRIED! This season finale has to be THE season finale of all season finales of TV!

This is my second favourite scene, where Betty confessed in the copier room.

Awwww! Cute, dorky and sweet all at the same time!

And my most favourite, where Henry said goodbye (which, hopefully doesn’t get taken down), from the scene that I so wished didn’t happen, but did, but in the end was one of the things that made the finale great.

I was so sad he was leaving! Responsible, yes, but still sad! For Betty. They were just perfect for each other! Then again, like Betty said, “.. it would’ve been too easy..”

So then, based on my obsession with the Betty-Henry relationship, I made a little research on the good ‘ol Internet, and found out from here that from season two onwards Christopher Gorham (Henry) will become core regulars in the show. YEAY! Which means, it’s not really goodbye.

By the way, here’s Christopher, who plays the most adorable geek that is Henry.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
“It’s just something I know.”

If I had to rate this TV show, based on this one season, I would give it five stars out of five! Love it. Don’t care what you think, I LOVE IT.

Okay, you know what? I’m going to throw in another video that make me fall in love with Henry (the character and the guy playing him!)

Sigh.. :))


If you ask any of the people I’m close to, they will choose to say, among other things, that I have a bad temper. A few find this hard to believe, but I can get really ticked off by the tiniest things. I understand why, though. It’s because I only show this side to those I’m closest with. I can count these people in one hand, mind.I’m not the kind to throw tantrums, but I snap a lot.

My mom has brought this issue to my attention because she’s scared that I’ll end up with, I don’t know, was it high blood pressure? I really am not sure now what she had mentioned. She’s always worried because I snap at the smallest things too. Especially in the car.

My mom will also be able to tell if I’m angry just by a single ‘tsk’, or a tiny groan of someone being stupidly annoying. I also sometimes have colourful vocabulary, when the time calls for it. Sometimes I wonder why people don’t ask, “And you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

When I’m feeling less angry, I change some words to more friendly words, for example, “WHAT THE FUDGE?!” because I really want to keep it clean in front of the kids. *rolls eyes*

Sometimes people can tell I’m pissed when I’m really quiet. I talk a lot, so you can tell something is wrong when I’m not saying a word. But that is how I’m like with other people I’m close to, even my closest friends.

Anyway. I’m on this topic, because I just got really angry at someone I really care about for forgetting that I am on this end, chatting with him. Now, he’s not here, and I miss him badly.

I really need to get my temper in check.