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Art project.. bleh.

Oh wow. Who knew form 3 projects were really tough? Okay, fine, a form 3 perfectionist art student’s project was. My cousin’s a perfectionist, and he needed help with making his custom tissue box for his art project. He would have finished it the first time he asked for my help. That is, if he wasn’t such a perfectionist.

Every crooked line was no excuse to not make a new one.

I guess it’s okay because he sleeps over every alternate days in the week, but tonight, he’s got to finish it. It’s due on Thursday. He wanted to doze off by the time we’re halfway through the making the tissue box’s “tenunan”, the woven strips of paper to make a checked (black and white) pattern.

I would have taken pictures, but I think it’s not funny anymore. :P

So I pushed him until even I couldn’t handle the exhaustion anymore. It was nearly four in the morning when we finished the sides of the boxes. I said, “You can finish the top and the bottom on your own. I’m heading to bed.”

LOL. He couldn’t have agreed in a more enthusiastic tone. Imagine being sleepy and having an enthusiastic tone at the same time.

It’s like, “Yeay!zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..slobber.Whahuh?yeah…..”

Anyway. Off to bed for me, just feeling like letting it out. LOL.

So many things to do before the week ends, and it’s barely halfway through the week!

P.S.: I want to get rid of this hacking cough, it hurts, and it makes sleeping impossible.

P.P.S.: I’m sorry if you can’t understand a word in this post, and can’t really get the randomness of it all. Just.. too.. sleepy.


What are you doing this weekend?

It’s still early in the week, and I’m sure you have this weekend empty. Unless you have a wedding to attend. Or you’re just a social butterfly and your weekends are already fully booked three years from now. Well, if you have a cancellation — for the social butterflies, not the newly-weds — then head over to the DHS Pixies’ garage sale!

I will try to be there, I would probably have trouble with transport, but like I said; I’ll try. Izzah’s asked if I have anything to contribute, but I haven’t checked yet. Hehe. (I’m putting this banner on top of my right sidebar until the 2nd. :))

Come one, come all!

A little slap on the forehead

I can be such an idiot.

A small, red ant was making its way down the laptop screen earlier on and I was about to brush it away.

Innocent as this statement is.. I tried to brush it away with my cursor.


I can get really random

I just had the weirdest work experience ever. Having a stranger tell you that they have your picture on their phone is really weird.

Bordering freaky.

I may have to privatize this entry soon, COMMENT QUICKLY!

LOL. Kidding.

I just can’t sleep. Again.

Has anyone got really funny pictures or stories to share?

Or maybe save me from boredom?

These days, I have been dreaming of the days my family and I go for our (sometimes bi)annual Singapore trip. It would be really different without dad, but I cannot wait. It’s going to be in December, inshaAllah. If everything falls through. If not, I’m just going to have to wait until next year.

But I’m really craving for the days and nights spent shopping. The smell of new things that you’re trying to pack when you’re back in your hotel room. Not looking forward to the feet acting up, though. They always do. I WANT TO HAVE SURGERY TO FIX THEM! I haven’t gotten my feet checked by the doctors yet, but mom just reckons I need to lose weight.

Like, hello. (Allow me to be a bimbo at this hour.) I got my flat feet from dad, he had trouble walking long-distances too.

It’s not like I don’t like how my feet looks. Actually, I love how they look, it’s pretty dainty, and it fits into the sexiest of shoes! But they are literally a pain when I walk. Even in flats, walking around at The Mall in Gadong can be a pain. Imagine walking the whole length of Orchard Road in Singapore! I’d rather die.

Not really. But I’d try to find places to sit on while the others shop. And shop for me, while they’re at it. LOL.

I really shouldn’t think excessively. Whatever brain cells I have left have to be reserved for tomorrow. Three hours of sleep usually don’t cover the regeneration of lost brain cells. Whichever ones that regenerate. I really do not know much about anything, do I?

Whatever. I’m just going to lie down in bed and stare at the ceiling.


Justin is (getting) married! Congratulations!

I’m thinking he’s already done the whole nikah thing. So, yea.

Congratulations (again)!

Haven’t got any brilliant ideas for the honeymoon spot, though. I say: Thailand! (After reading Atul’s post on Let’s Sea Resort.)


This post is for Atul.

Oh, yea. If you can only see this big grin on my face. I’m so scared, however, that I’ll lose these. Hopefully not. (MUDAHAN JUA REZEKI KU, AMIN!)

I don’t know why I’m not in bed yet.

Oh. I changed the layout too. Not the header image, because the previous layout was a bit messed up, and I didn’t even do anything to it. And anyone who’s observant enough to speculate everything on my blog for the past seven years or so, knows how I’m such a perfectionist on these things.

P.S.: Thanks for those who came for the tahlil. (That includes you, Tul. :))

Still got the sniffles

Highlights of my days to come:

  • Visit to bapa’s resting place on Friday morning!
  • British India right after!
  • Possibility of meeting up with a few blogger friends, also on Friday!
  • Bowling with GBs on Sunday!
  • Transformers on Monday with Izzah, Zawanah, Mizah, and possibly, my sister!

And finally..

  • Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix next Wednesday! With Sel, Fendi, and my sister!

*does really stupid dance*

Heck, I can’t even dance! But, I really can’t wait for Harry Potter. Tickets have been bought and everything. Oooooh!!

I’m still sick, I think I’m getting worse, but we have tahlil tonight, so I have to put on a brave face, instead of the pale and ashen one I have. LOL.  It’s an ugly sight.