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What are you doing this weekend?

It’s still early in the week, and I’m sure you have this weekend empty. Unless you have a wedding to attend. Or you’re just a social butterfly and your weekends are already fully booked three years from now. Well, if you have a cancellation — for the social butterflies, not the newly-weds — then head over to the DHS Pixies’ garage sale!

I will try to be there, I would probably have trouble with transport, but like I said; I’ll try. Izzah’s asked if I have anything to contribute, but I haven’t checked yet. Hehe. (I’m putting this banner on top of my right sidebar until the 2nd. :))

Come one, come all!


A walk down memory lane

I keep boxes. In these boxes are things that I keep for memory’s sake. On them, I label the year they belong to.

Tonight, I took out the 2004 box, for no reason. I saw some pictures that didn’t belong in that year, but they all bring a rather dreary feeling they decide to call nostalgia.

My printer/photocopier/scanner has given up on me since eons ago, so I had to make full use of my camera, so excuse the quality of these pictures. (I didn’t even bother editing them in Photoshop.)

This is during sungkai with Izzah, but I don’t remember if this actually belongs in the 2004 box.

I know this is definitely not 2004. It’s 2003, from left, that’s Pram, me, and Daniel. I lost contact with these two, and I’m sorry it had to happen because they were really great guys. They were in my Biology class, back in Maktab Duli.

When I was browsing through the photos, I just had to put this one up! CLASSIC! When was this, I don’t remember! From left, Izzah, Tiq, and myself. What I remember is that this was taken in a shop at The Mall. The shop is now closed, I think they didn’t do quite well.

Liz and I. Taken during on the Raya family outings. (I remember posting this on one of my old blogs, and I remember those earrings! I wonder where they’ve gone?)

And this.. is my favourite. (How can it not be?)

That was dad keeping a lookout for my little sister. He once used to study in Preston, Lancashire, and we decide to have a roadtrip to London. This was on Trafalgar Square, back in ’97!

Aww, looking at the last picture reminds me that my family and I always meant to go back and visit the UK on holiday. We fantasized on having the fish and chips, and maybe drop by Preston and see how much it has changed.. Now that dad’s gone.. they’re all just plans.


Before I start the post, I would like to convey my deepest condolences to Izzah, Ka Zian and Ka Ety, for their recent loss of their beloved aunt who passed away yesterday. Keep your chins up, she is in a better place, inshaAllah. Al-Fatihah.


I wanted to update yesterday, but my hands were a tad busy since my cousin’s bride is having a berbedak ceremony after my outing with the girls. (Tonight is his turn, by the way.)

Hamizah, Yusrina, Zawanah, and I, had lunch at Fusion, at The Mall in Gadong, and it was quite good. Not a good idea if you’re on a tight budget, but its serving proportion is quite satisfying for such a price. I had the stuffed chicken with mashed potatoes. And the drinks! The glasses they used were large. I had expected a small amount of apple tea, like how they serve drinks in Sanur. Seriously. I don’t know if Sanur had changed their set of drinking glasses, but I hope they have! (Compared to Fusion’s, Sanur’s glasses are of minuscule proportions!)

Then we met up with Amal, Tiq, Ratna, and their guy cousin (whose name I had forgotten) to watch My Wife Is A Gangster 3. That movie was FUN-NEE! It was slapstick, it was sarcastic, it was.. I don’t know, everything that rhymes with stick? I loved it, though I missed some parts because of a toilet break and all, and sometimes the subtitles skip and whatnot.

Go watch it, if you’ve watched everything else at the movies, or you just don’t want to watch them. I mean, for me, I definitely do NOT want to watch Love Is Cinta. Heart was enough to make me cry, and not in a very-tear-jerking-movie way, it’s in a horrid I-am-bored-to-tears way.

Had fun, as always, it kind of feels that the group is back together, as most of the girls are done with their degrees and they’re back for good. Congratulations to the new Biology and Combined Science teacher, Miss Yusrina! :D The rest of us is waiting for that big belanja in December! *cough*BONUS*cough* Teehee. And good luck to Miss Saleha for her quest to continue on her studies! You can do it! :)

Anyway, I’ll sign off with a big, colossal hug for Miss Izzah, who was missing from all the things happening. Feel better, sweetheart. *HUGS*

Sorry. Some might be annoyed by online/virtual hugs, but for a person like me, who’s been (and still is!) in a long-distance relationship for more than 3-4 years, I depend on virtual hugs. And I like giving them too. I’m not a hugger in real life, so virtual hugs are, [bimbo mode] like, the next best thing. [/bimbo mode] :D

Nothing like it

Sigh. Just one of the times when I miss my dad. So prepare yourselves. I can either annoy you or reduce you to tears. :P

I always miss my dad, that’s just natural, but the sad thing here is: he is slowly fading in my memory.

Not in a sense that he is not remembered, but his characteristics. How he laughed. the way he talked, his smile when he was up to no good.. things like that. The smallest things that I always miss, and now, I can barely even remember them.

Every time I have time alone, I’d look through his pictures, re-live the memory, and try to remember how he was like. It still feels unreal. Unreal that he’s gone. Unreal that I still can’t get over it, though I have accepted it.

I really miss his laugh. He brightens people’s days up, let alone his family’s. He loved to share his riddles, especially in car rides home, and some of them would make no sense at all, he just wanted us to laugh after a long day at school/work. He was also always a mediator too, whenever I quarrel with my mom or my sister. There is only less than five occurrences when I had a disagreement with my dad, so I needed no mediators, as he would just give in.

One thing that has been in my mind is that.. I am really looking forward to the Singapore trip, but I am definitely going to miss my dad’s presence there. He always bought us nasi briyani from the restaurant located just a minute away from our hotel. Whenever he came back with a couple of bags of goodies, he would just sit down, watch TV and once in a while look at us devour the food as if we hadn’t eaten in ages.

He was the greatest dad I could have asked for. Not perfect, but he was just great. Now that he has left us for good, my mom has uncovered a few things to me that I hadn’t known when he was alive.. and I am thoroughly grateful to Allah for giving me such a great dad like him.

(Not going to share what the things were. :P)

Random thought: The boyfriend says that reading my blog is like looking in to my thoughts. Whaddya think? I think he’s somewhat close. ;)

All right, sad moment over. It’s time to get more Z’s now, and be excited for tomorrow’s outing with the girls! My Wife Is A Gangster 3, here we come!! :D

Try, “I don’t care.”

Oh, so my post on one of my blonde moments attracted people to leave comments, eh? Feel that it’s hilarious, eh? *glares*

I’m kidding. I found it stupidly funny too. LOL!

I went to a CIS20 gathering this morning over at Soto Rindu place in Sengkurong. Was late, but it was great to see my friends again. Hopefully, we’ll be as close as we always have been. It’s funny how nearly everyone’s working already! Scary. When are the CIS20 couples going to get hitched, though? (Heehee.)

I’ve been up to no good recently. Pay’s out, and I’ve been splurging on DVDs and clothes. I bought Zodiac, 28 Weeks Later, Perfect Stranger, Pan’s Labyrinth, Captivity, and TMNT.

How do I put this? It’s crazy. With the exception of Perfect Stranger because I haven’t watched it, I thought I would have at least liked ONE of these movies. (Movies watched are not in order, and were not watched in one go.)

28 Weeks Later was just good in the movies, as it wasn’t as good on DVD. Pan’s Labyrinth was TOO long, and the story wasn’t much to begin with. (Nearly 3 hours, as it says on the box.) Captivity was all right, but we had to watch it on a nearly broken DVD player in Liz’s room, and we totally missed out on the ending. Please don’t let me start on TMNT. It had nothing going on to interest me to keep it playing in the DVD player. I bailed out barely 30 minutes into the movie.

As for Zodiac, didn’t finish this one either. It didn’t interest me enough to stay until the end. Opted to have Italian at Capers instead. I went with Liz, Siti, and Qil. When we were done, we went to Hua Ho Tanjung Bunut to get Liz’s ring at Mythos Collection — correct me if I’m wrong.

I was fine during all this, but when I got back to Liz’s house, I had the most painful headache ever. I even let my mom drive us back home, it was that bad! (I will always drive my family everywhere, if I can help it. No one says no to me. No one. I. DRIVE. But not last night. Ugh.)

I digressed! THE MOVIES WERE ALL BAAAAAAAAAAD. So much for watching DVDs with your cousins, and having an ultimately great time. Roight. Maybe I’ll scout around Brunei for a good-quality copy of Hostel.

Oh, this reminds me, I watched Vacancy with Amalina and Zawanah, and we had a blast! Funny thing was when the trailers were playing, Amalina thought we’d be watching My Wife Is A Gangster 3! Haha. And she wondered why the trailers were of thriller/horror movies. LOL. It was good, as we were the only 3 watching the movie in broad daylight, thus avoided whispering, and had fun shrieking our heads off. Well, my head anyway. I liked it, but, just like 28 Weeks Later, I might just like it in the cinemas.

Oh, let’s talk about something else, shall we? I’ve been having this really weird feeling about a friend lately. I don’t even know if s/he is a friend to me anymore. All singled out, and everything. Hm. Is it because of the recent tragedy in my life that s/he doesn’t know how to approach me anymore? I am no good with confrontations and I avoid it at all costs.

So this may, or may not, be about you. (BOH DOI.) Seriously, though, I don’t know what to do about it. I’m not even sad that it’s happening, it just feels like split ends: it does not hurt you, but you just want to get rid of it. Badly.

I’m off to sleep. No longer a nocturnal creature, neither am I an insomniac, thanks to my best friend in the whole wide world! Love ya! :)

That feeling they call euphoria

I just settled at home, after a great sushi lunch with Zawanah and future Biology teacher, Miss Yusrina. ;)

She was looking great, after graduating, and missing home very much. I have to say, she’s one of my favourite close friends. She goes off to the UK, and comes back as the same old Yusrina, but she has grown a lot along the way as well. She doesn’t let anything change her, and she appreciates her friends. And I love that about her.

And did we ever have fun during lunch. We had lots of laughter without even realizing it. I was talking about this guy that I was aggravated about, and we discussed about how he was a psychologist. Since he had mentioned “stupids”, we came up with, “Maybe he is psychos.” You know, dealing with other people’s problems and everything? Never mind. It was meant to be a private joke anyway.

Oh, it was so much fun. I feel so euphoric, just like the little girl with her huge glass of orange juice.

I miss having such laughs. With sincere, genuine friends. It feels like the years in STPRI again. Has it really been six years ago? We talked about who were going to get married next! It was a scary thought, but we turned it into a funny subject.

Greatest lunch I’ve had in ages!

Squinted and wondered

This is seriously fresh story. And I say, better me than her posting it up first, really. It is less embarrassing that way. LOL.

What with my late previous post (I just realized there is no time posted. It was past 2AM), I slept in for a bit. It’s now just a little after 11. Well, usually, I’d be awake by 10-ish anyway, so there’s not much difference.


I was sleeping like a baby when someone knocked on my door. I had thought it was my mom, leaving for the house early in the morning and get my pay vouchers from me so I can claim my salary for July. Then I realized it must already be late, so my bets were on my maid, telling me someone was on the phone. I didn’t have my glasses on, I surely don’t sleep with my contacts in my eyes, and I just woke up from deep sleep, I seriously had blurry vision, bordering blind. Then I saw someone standing there, and I squinted my eyes and wondered, “What is different with my maid today? Why is she holding this box? Did someone come with a package?”

Then, I squinted harder. It wasn’t my maid, IT WAS TIQ!! WITH A BOX OF KRISPY KREMES!!

Taken by me, with simple editing. I think I do okay.

I was in shock for a few moments. Then, I went to pleasant surprise mode. I practically squealed and I don’t remember what happened next. I think we hugged. LOL. Then, she was laughing at me. So embarrassing, I bet I looked a state, and morning breath! OMG!

Seriously. Thank GOD I don’t sleep in the nude, Tiq. HOW DO YOU THINK IT WOULD BE LIKE? Haha. I really don’t like to think about that now. Eek.

Anyway, thanks, Tiq! You gave me a real pleasant surprise! :)

I have a feeling today’s going to be a good day. :D