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Art project.. bleh.

Oh wow. Who knew form 3 projects were really tough? Okay, fine, a form 3 perfectionist art student’s project was. My cousin’s a perfectionist, and he needed help with making his custom tissue box for his art project. He would have finished it the first time he asked for my help. That is, if he wasn’t such a perfectionist.

Every crooked line was no excuse to not make a new one.

I guess it’s okay because he sleeps over every alternate days in the week, but tonight, he’s got to finish it. It’s due on Thursday. He wanted to doze off by the time we’re halfway through the making the tissue box’s “tenunan”, the woven strips of paper to make a checked (black and white) pattern.

I would have taken pictures, but I think it’s not funny anymore. :P

So I pushed him until even I couldn’t handle the exhaustion anymore. It was nearly four in the morning when we finished the sides of the boxes. I said, “You can finish the top and the bottom on your own. I’m heading to bed.”

LOL. He couldn’t have agreed in a more enthusiastic tone. Imagine being sleepy and having an enthusiastic tone at the same time.

It’s like, “Yeay!zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..slobber.Whahuh?yeah…..”

Anyway. Off to bed for me, just feeling like letting it out. LOL.

So many things to do before the week ends, and it’s barely halfway through the week!

P.S.: I want to get rid of this hacking cough, it hurts, and it makes sleeping impossible.

P.P.S.: I’m sorry if you can’t understand a word in this post, and can’t really get the randomness of it all. Just.. too.. sleepy.


How do I find the perfect fit?

I am a bit depressed. If I put it the things I have in my mind down in a numbered list, maybe they won’t seem like a lot.

  1. I am broke.
  2. I haven’t talked to the boyfriend in ages. Something is going on on his end.
  3. I want a car that I can’t have.
  4. I don’t have a (full-time) job.
  5. Syawal is coming soon, and it’s the first without dad.
  6. Don’t even mention Ramadhan, it’s sooner.
  7. I am broke.
  8. I was supposed to be out with a friend, but in an unexpected turn of events, I’m at home.

I just have so many on my plate at the moment. Mind’s all jumbled up.

Because of thought #4, my mom’s been pushing me to post my resumes everywhere. Not that I don’t want a (full-time) job, it’s just that I’m the kind of person who needs to do one thing at a time. I can multi-task, but it’ll be messy — it’ll leave me a mess!

Because of thought #1, I can’t cheer myself up with things I can buy. Like, maybe, a DVD movie, or a Japanese meal.

Thought #2 is really the big problem here. If I had him to talk to, I can just forget about everything else. He’s like.. my everything. Even when I’m broke, or when I want a car I cant have, or when I don’t have a (full-time) job, or when I’m supposed to be out but not.. Or when I’m broke. Or when I don’t feel like posting my resumes everywhere.

I miss the boyfriend. :(


I’ve got pictures from the wedding! Full album can be viewed here, but if you just want to have a glimpse at a few photos, continue reading!

The couple. I think they look real good together, don’t you think? :)

Continue reading


I have gained weight. Okay, no, that’s just saying it in a nice way. I AM GETTING FAT. Like, seriously. Not in a way that I’m being insecure or anything. I have increased in volume! Or mass? No, I think it’s volume. Anyway. I had a bit of a hard time to zip up the kain of my baju kurong for the past three days.

Yea, baju kurong for the scheduled events for my cousin’s wedding. His bersanding ceremony was today — lost track of time, it might have already been noon — and it was mighty hot! I don’t sweat in the normal heat that we get in Brunei, but today, I was sweating profusely! The lining of my top ended up sticking to my skin. Bleurgh. Not a comfortable feeling, I can tell you that.

Saw a couple of my friends, Salwana, who was related to the bride (we’re now related through marriage!), Ratz, and Dhil’s parents (Dhil, wanted to tegur and say hi to your mom, but she was busy talking to someone.)

I have pictures, but I left my camera downstairs and I’m too knackered to even get off this chair. Yes, I’m not even planning on walking to bed to take a short nap because I’m that tired. I think it was the heat that did it, really. I could’ve handled the exhaustion well without it. Maybe with a little cool breeze and some clouds. But these two were missing in action. Pfft.

I’m off, I will post the pictures soon. (And abang Muhaimin, the groom, looked so happy today! :))

Also, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE COUPLE!! (Semoga berkekalan hingga ke anak cucu!)

(On a very different note, if you’re interested, have a listen to Feelings Show by Colbie Caillat. I’m loving the “Love is crazy, pretty baby. Take it real slow.” bit. Nice. Go download. [Or, ahem, buy her album.])

It starts in my toes

I returned from my uncle’s 60th birthday celebration around an hour ago, and it was fun. Filled with laughter, and a few tears. It’s going to be a picture post, so I’ll let these babies do a little bit of the talking.

Me with my cousin’s son, Khairi. He’s so cute, isn’t he? :)


This is me squeezing Khairina, Khairi’s little sister.


A little pose with Liz, Qil and Siti before everything started.


The mobile drink stand. These things came up with the most refreshing iced Milos to cool us as it was quite a warm night. Nyum.


Don’t you think she looks like a DOLL? Hee! Hi, BABYDOLL!




Liz with our grandmother. <3!


My mother and I.


The birthday boy, giving a speech.


Getting all choked up. He had us in tears too!

That’s just about it, these were taken by Liz’s Sony DSC-T100, I conveniently left mine, hehe.

I have written a few posts in my mind, but I can’t seem to get them onto my blog yet. Maybe I need to sit down, take a breather (and maybe more alone time), and just let it out. Not now, though. I have a few other things to tend to.

I’m watching Transformers (again) tomorrow! Aren’t you excited?! Teehee.

Can’t help it, I love Transformers. I love getting comments too, so keep them coming! :D

Should I keep on blogging?

I was just doing some random local blog-hopping just now, and reading up on a few married people’s lives. I know a few bloggers who have husband/wife and kids, so this never came to me, but as I was reading this one blog, I will keep it unnamed, a thought crept slowly into my brain, “Won’t they be busy with their wife and kids?” Or, husband and kids.

Didn’t know why I was thinking that since I’ve never really bothered with thinking about other people’s lives.

But then it brought me to mine. I have been blogging for, I don’t know, seven years, give or take? What’s going to happen when I get married? Because in my head, I have this visual that I’m always going to cater to my own husband and kids, and I won’t have time to tend to my blog. Catering to my husband, is of course, voluntary. Should the husband be the man I’m dating right now, I mean. :P

I’m really thinking about this, you know? Imagine waking up, preparing breakfast for your family. Then off to work, until late in the afternoon, the latest. Go back home, ask your husband and kids how their day went, feed them, then help your kids with their homework, or maybe just help them grow with the love that was missing while dear mummy was working, then cater to your husband’s needs — which is wajib (or mandatory) for a wife, really, so it’s a no-brainer.

In my head right now is that I probably won’t have time for a blog if I decide to have the family I plan to have. Can I fit blogging into my life then?

I don’t know. Bloggers who have families, enlighten me.

Green riddle

I was out with my mother today, getting other things settled, and picking up/sending off my sister in between. Right after my sister’s afternoon class, we had early supper of ambuyat in Batu Bersurat.

So we were sitting there, and she had a question for me.

Little sister: Kucing kakinya berapa?
Me: *thinks, just in case it’s a trick question* Empat..?
Little sister: Kalau krucing?
Me: Err, tiga?
Little sister: Salah! Emprat!


Sorry, there’s no translation to this one, it won’t be as funny. Actually, it won’t be at all.

On another note, I’ve had my eyes on flats recently. I don’t know what they’re really called, flat pumps, pumped flats? LOL. Yea, my attempt to be funny. Anyway, I was surfing for nice ones online, and I really like this:


Yes. In green.