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Craig Ferguson interviews

I was just bored one early morning, and I searched for some videos to watch on YouTube. I started with Craig Ferguson’s monologues, and later watched his interviews on The Late Late Show. I may have been slow on these video clips, but they are as hilarious as ever.

This one is my favourite, him interviewing Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movie franchise.

“What do you mean the magic isn’t real?” LOL!

For the sake of it, here are another two clips for your Monday blues.

With Gerard Butler. Like the accent he put on about him and Craig were actually from Long Beach. I know it’s stupid, but I’m still amazed how actors can put on their accents and take it off so easily. LOL.

This one’s with Piper Perabo.

I love Craig Ferguson. He is hilarious.

Cali bah ia ani, sakit parut ku ketawa!


New eye candy!

Christopher Gorham (who plays Henry in Ugly Betty) is hot! And funny!

Though he’s married for seven years and have two kids.

My take on Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty didn’t spark any interest of mine when it first came out. I’m always late to jump on the bandwagon, because I prefer to have the whole season out on DVD so I don’t have to wait every week for a new episode. Okay, I’m not always like that, but I was with Ugly Betty because I couldn’t be bothered.

But.. One glorious day, which usually falls on the day that pay is out, I wasn’t particularly spoiled for choice when I paid a visit to Joey Joe, my favourite DVD store. I spotted the complete first season of Ugly Betty, and I thought, “Hm, why not?” So I did.

And I only finished watching Ugly Betty’s yesterday.

September 27th can’t come any sooner! Second season airs on that date, and trust me, I’ll be braving the Trojan viruses this time around just to see what happens in the first episode. By that, I meant downloading torrents, of course. But I’m going to ask around first before I start this bad habit again. ;)

(Warning: Either hate me for posting them up, or stop reading from this point on. Ugly Betty spoilers ahead.)

So, all right.. I’ve never had favourite episodes before on any TV series, but on Ugly Betty, I fell in love with episode 21, Secretaries’ Day. I have to say it’s mostly influenced by Henry Grubstick. Don’t you think he and Betty are adorable?!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Image above was a scene from Secretaries’ Day. When he was semi-conscious, saying the three little words. I practically shrieked when he did that! Romance on TV and in the movies, in my opinion, rarely warm the heart anymore because it seems like they are.. I don’t know, nothing new.

But when Henry, played by Christopher Gorham — trust me, this isn’t the last time his (character/real) name will be mentioned on this post, said those words, he seemed so sincere albeit semi-conscious.

Another favourite episode of mine is the season finale, 23rd episode, East Side Story. The goodbye made by Henry to Betty when he decided to move with Charlie back to Tucson! I CRIED! This season finale has to be THE season finale of all season finales of TV!

This is my second favourite scene, where Betty confessed in the copier room.

Awwww! Cute, dorky and sweet all at the same time!

And my most favourite, where Henry said goodbye (which, hopefully doesn’t get taken down), from the scene that I so wished didn’t happen, but did, but in the end was one of the things that made the finale great.

I was so sad he was leaving! Responsible, yes, but still sad! For Betty. They were just perfect for each other! Then again, like Betty said, “.. it would’ve been too easy..”

So then, based on my obsession with the Betty-Henry relationship, I made a little research on the good ‘ol Internet, and found out from here that from season two onwards Christopher Gorham (Henry) will become core regulars in the show. YEAY! Which means, it’s not really goodbye.

By the way, here’s Christopher, who plays the most adorable geek that is Henry.

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“It’s just something I know.”

If I had to rate this TV show, based on this one season, I would give it five stars out of five! Love it. Don’t care what you think, I LOVE IT.

Okay, you know what? I’m going to throw in another video that make me fall in love with Henry (the character and the guy playing him!)

Sigh.. :))

Just a peek

There was a time back in the day that I was into Norah Jones. It wasn’t that long ago, I’m only 21.

I was in my car, listening to Renee Olstead’s A Love That Will Last (thanks, Manz), and that song reminds me of Norah Jones and how obsessed I was with her songs. Painter Song was one of my favourites off of her first album, Come Away With Me. That was the only album I liked from her. After that, I just wasn’t interested anymore. Now I am loving Renee Olstead’s song because it reminded me of Norah Jones.

I do love listening to music that smooths the frayed nerves that I have every now and then. Especially when I’m driving, all on my own. When I have company, they usually complain about the pace of the song. Haha. So it makes me think sometimes whether I should play Jones’ music when I am working.

One of the perks of my job is that I get to play the songs that I like. Unless the boss says I have to play more oldies, then whatever. But not yet. So I’m not going to change my playlist any time soon. Like yesterday, I had a lot of fun at work because I played the songs that were my current favourites, beside all those song requests, of course.

Some got stuck in my head, let me just share a tiny list of songs with you people.

  1. Get Out by Macy Gray featuring Justin Timberlake
  2. Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely) by Pink
  3. Grace Kelly by Mika
  4. (I Wanna Have Your) Babies by Natasha Bedingfield
  5. Alfie by Lily Allen

I told you it was tiny. But I cannot get the first song out of my mind. Especially the “Macy don’t love you, boy” bit. Hahaha. It’s a very addictive song. For those, like me, who can’t dance.. it makes you want to move your shoulders from side to side. Haha.

Yours truly is a bit pathetic when it comes to things like these.

MRS is in a few hours! Eek! I can’t wait! See you guys!~

Added: This is for SBC and his love for “First!” A must-see. That’s because I can’t post it up. (Another video seen on Justin’s blog — the first was My Humps by Alanis Morissette.) Can’t help but laugh out loud to the video. You really have to make an effort to click the link and watch the video.

Making a tiny comeback

Did anyone watch American Idol results show tonight?


(I’m not cutting my posts anymore because it gets cut off in RSS feeds as well. Wouldn’t want that now, would we?)

How absurd was the results show? Beside the fact that Sanjaya Malakar is still in the competition, how can Gina Glocksen be out?! She was one of the better performances. Even if she was in the bottom two, I think Haley Scarnato should’ve went. Or Phil Stacey and his eyebrows. And Sanjaya should have been in the bottom three, not the middle three. Thank goodness I was spared the information about which spot in the middle three he was in. I hope it wasn’t the top middle three, or the middle middle three. Haha, what am I on about? I just want him to be in the bottom middle three.

About the performances on Wednesday night, I was bored with it. But I stuck through every performance, and I have to say, it was pretty hard. All I did was let it stay on channel 70, and I’d do something else. I wouldn’t concentrate. Is American Idol losing its edge? Or have I just lost interest? I want to see the contestants perform really famous songs so that I’d be familiar with them.

Last week was better than this week. They should get people like Gwen Stefani to be their mentors more often. I wish American Idol contestants would perform more current songs. I know, this week was classic American songs night, but Gina Glocksen sang a song that non-Americans (and the young) would know very well! Psch. Whatever. Hopefully, next week would be good. I’ll keep you updated if I read anything on AI.

Anyway.. I missed last week’s results show and my mom has been making me regret it because Sweet Escape is this household’s favourite song of the now (including my dad because he’s a fan of Akon.) So I was looking through the pictures, and what is this? Why is he standing like that? Is he really dating Alaina Alexander, now? Haha, tipunya kali.

Oh, hellew.

Just kidding. (Wouldn’t want to repeat a minor Poklen mistake.)

Oh! So I found a video of Gwen Stefani’s performance with Akon.

I have to say this, as wobbly as she sounds sometimes when singing live, she’s one of my favourite live singers.

Moving on from my thoughts on American Idol, MRS is coming — it is this Saturday evening, and my one main concern is if someone else is coming in with a similar dress on as myself. I thought, “I should have made a custom-made dress instead of buying one.” I never, have I ever felt like this about a dress before. I mean, what would I need a dress for?

But now, I apparently do. I feel that it’s sort of like a prom night, but with different activities happening. LOL. This could well be my first and last prom, if it is even close to one. Haha. Never usually have motivation to attend such things, but nearly everyone in the CIS department is excited about it, and it’s infectious. Serious.

Moving on.. My right knee has been hurting for two weeks now, but I have kept quiet about it. With my mom anyway. Whenever I tell her there’s something wrong with me, she worries a lot. But last night, I finally told her. Although, I did tell a little white lie. I said it has been hurting for a week. What? I just didn’t want her to worry.

The downside to that was, well, she wouldn’t let me play netball this afternoon. She actually gave me the mean eye last night when I started my “but’s” just so I can convince her to let me play. Blah.

I think this post is getting too long now. Post again soon. Toodles!

My Humps by Alanis Morissette

The pictures are doing very well, thanks. But I can’t help but post this up. It’s brilliant.

The lyrics sound ridiculous now, doesn’t it? LOL.

Elevator Love by Guy Sebastian

I love this song, and the video clip to it is just so adorable! Reminds me of having crushes. Aww.