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Goodbye, Touareg

Another late post. Can’t sleep, can you blame me? I need to fall out of love!

I want a new car to fall in love with. I was at the Volkswagen showroom this afternoon, just to take a look at the Touareg.. I am head over heels with that piece of metal! Unfortunately, it is way too expensive for an unemployed girl like me. (Unemployed in a sense that I don’t have a full-time job.)

I wouldn’t have resorted to dropping by to the showroom if they had local prices to show online, but they hadn’t. And I had a hard time looking for them! I searched like so:

  • “touareg prices in brunei”
  • “brunei’s official car prices”
  • “volkswagen brunei distributor”
  • “online car dealer brunei”

Yes, I typed that last one out too, believe it or not. I was so tired of searching for how much it (roughly) costs. All of these searches leads to one good find. I read on one blog that it costs B$95k or so, and that was from an April post last year. That was just it. Nothing more, nothing less. ONE! On the whole world wide web! Pretty frustrating, if you ask me.

So I thought, okay. Fine. Whatever. Not that I wanted to buy it now. I just want to know if it’s even within my reach. That’s not wrong, right? Of course not. Anyway. Dropped by the showroom, asked a little here and there, and hey presto, it costs B$85k! Only, for bank loans, if you deposit B$40k, you have to pay B$700+ monthly for seven years. My mom and I did a little calculating, basically the whole thing will cost me (edited) my life!

But the price tag stays only on four of the remaining Touaregs they have in stock. New stock comes on a different, and a tad more expensive, price.

Mom says that the only solution to this is to pay it in cash. And where am I going to get that kind of money? By saving. And how much am I going to save each month? Fine.. say I get a job that pays basic salary for HND holders.. If I save B$1, 000, I’d be left with barely another thousand. What, am I going to save for 85 months? That seven years (and a month)! I would imagine there’d be new cars that I would fall in love with by then. Or, simple, the Touareg will lose its novelty in seven years (and a month.)

Of course, the price might also drop in that span of time.. but.. you know.. Plus! I do not save! Well, I do, but it is next to impossible, really. I try. I do, really. But I almost always fail.

My mom decided to comfort me by going to the Mazda showroom to have a look at the Mazda CX-7. Nice, but it’s no Touareg.


Tell me about another car to fall in love with, because I feel so heartbroken. CX-7 is not much of a rebound. Don’t mention anything about the Lexus. Don’t like them. Overrated. Not the beautiful Audi as well, because I bet that’s hell to maintain. I just heard about it, I know nothing about which cars are easy to maintain.

I’m rambling on and on about cars! Who would’ve thunk?

Maybe someone who owns a Touareg can bring me around town for a ride? HA. Dream on. (On a final note: Please la, if you think this post is really about falling out of love with the boyfriend, think again. :P)