How do I find the perfect fit?

I am a bit depressed. If I put it the things I have in my mind down in a numbered list, maybe they won’t seem like a lot.

  1. I am broke.
  2. I haven’t talked to the boyfriend in ages. Something is going on on his end.
  3. I want a car that I can’t have.
  4. I don’t have a (full-time) job.
  5. Syawal is coming soon, and it’s the first without dad.
  6. Don’t even mention Ramadhan, it’s sooner.
  7. I am broke.
  8. I was supposed to be out with a friend, but in an unexpected turn of events, I’m at home.

I just have so many on my plate at the moment. Mind’s all jumbled up.

Because of thought #4, my mom’s been pushing me to post my resumes everywhere. Not that I don’t want a (full-time) job, it’s just that I’m the kind of person who needs to do one thing at a time. I can multi-task, but it’ll be messy — it’ll leave me a mess!

Because of thought #1, I can’t cheer myself up with things I can buy. Like, maybe, a DVD movie, or a Japanese meal.

Thought #2 is really the big problem here. If I had him to talk to, I can just forget about everything else. He’s like.. my everything. Even when I’m broke, or when I want a car I cant have, or when I don’t have a (full-time) job, or when I’m supposed to be out but not.. Or when I’m broke. Or when I don’t feel like posting my resumes everywhere.

I miss the boyfriend. :(


5 responses to “How do I find the perfect fit?

  1. U shud talk to him first Tina.. No use dragging it for days.. Coz, sakit tu rasa nya.. Heehee… Not dat i’m an expert on this matter..

    Btw, i just noticed a very small smiley face on top right side of yr blog here.. hehe.. is it just me or u purposely put it there?.. so cute~

  2. Haha, sweety, it’s not that we’re not talking. Ada some problems on his side, and he just hasn’t been available. We’re still talking, just not as often as we like. :) Thanks, though.

    That smiley.. ada tu on every blog, banar! Liat saja bisai-bisai, ada tu..

  3. tina, i know someone’s who’s looking for people with IT qualifications for govt and semi-govt jobs.. so if you want, i can pass on your CV :)

  4. I know “World’s local bank” is looking for a programmer though.. If you’re interested.

    Anyway… I felt like crap most of the time.
    Just that I sucks in putting them into words.

  5. Tina, you juz have to be overcome the don’ts and start on the dos. If you don’t start now… when are you going to start?

    So hang tough. We all have something in life which suckz… juz have to figure out a way to overcome them one by one.

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