UB’s second season rumours

I am such a freak. I have been reading up on season two of Ugly Betty. Well, rumours of the new season anyway. Nyeh.

So don’t read the rest of it if you are uninterested or you don’t want to know yet.

I read, here, that there’s going to be a new love interest for Betty other than Henry. And he’s going to be played by Freddy Rodriguez! Here’s a snippet:

And what of the ill-fated love birds Betty and Henry? In one of the final scenes, he was headed to Arizona, along with his evil, possibly pregnant, girlfriend Charlie. “Well, there is a pretty good chance that Henry comes back,” revealed Christopher Gorham, his portrayer.

“I can’t tell you how he comes back. I can tell you that you cannot miss the first five minutes of the first episode of season two. It’s one of the funniest scenes that we have shot to date. It’s a Betty, Henry, Charlie scene. It’s subtitled. It’s really incredible.”

I am totally interested about the first five minutes now. LOL. Subtitled? I imagine it to be in nerd/dork language that certain nerds like me won’t understand, let alone the rest of the world? Haha, okay, that might not even be possible. But I’m excited!

Someone’s promised to burn it onto CDs for me as soon as it comes out, so yeay!

Unfortunately, there is a definite possibility that Santos is dead. Something about the guy who plays him, Kevin Alejandro, is on a totally different network now. Pity. He was starting to grow on me, what with him wanting to marry Hilda and doesn’t care how his son couldn’t even throw a football.

I might just overdid it with the consumption of my favourite seasonal fruit, durian kuning. Currently having a hard time swallowing. IT HURTS. What do they call that anyway? I just know the one in Malay, they call it sakit menalan. Any ideas?

Should head to bed now, going to visit dad tomorrow. I haven’t visited in what feels like ages. I really miss him.

Comments will be replied to soon! :D


2 responses to “UB’s second season rumours

  1. I knew it. But I just didn’t want to face the fact. Heh. So no more Santos then. Sigh. He was growing on me..hey that’s just like what you said haha.

  2. Me neither, War. Me neither. Hilda was so happy, wasn’t she? But she’s rumoured to be on the lookout for another man since Santos is gone, and she’ll also be looking for a job!

    I seriously can’t wait for the second one eh!

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