So I have a short story in mind when I decided to take this picture.

You see the plastic cling wrap that covers these fruits? And the surface in between that the fruits make of the wrap? When I was a wee kid, I used to poke every available one as I walk past them! Hahaha. Talk about being a naughty kid. Menyusahkan orang jua tu kan? LOL. But that’s the only naughty thing I did as a child, I was quite the goody-two-shoes. :D

On the topic of fruits. I quite like this next one:

I love the green that makes up this picture.


3 responses to “Fruity

  1. I love that picture of the kiwi :)

  2. Hahaha! Gauk jua ko, Tinz. LOL!

  3. Sha, me too! :)

    Manz, awu! I forgot I had a bit of gauk in me. LOL.

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