I’m it!

I was tagged, and I love doing these things. It’s been quite unfortunate that I’m rarely the popular one, so I rarely get tagged. LOL. Sad, much? But thanks, F! :)

1. Tell us your name:
Tina D. Aiseh, so glamorous, is it not? HAHA. Right. Anyway. Next.

2. Three things about yourself:
Bubbly, self-deprecating, and contradictory.

3. What’s in your playlist:
A lot of acoustic versions of songs at the moment, like All-American Rejects’ Dirty Little Secret. Lisa Loeb’s Stay (I Missed You.) And thanks to her, Marié Digby.

4. Your favourite music:
Anything that doesn’t give me a headache, not like trance/house/dance or dangdut. They seriously give me headaches. I prefer slow and soothing stuff, with meaningful lyrics. John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat fall into this category perfectly.

5. Favourite guilty pleasure:
Getting updates on people I don’t like. Be it from people talking or reading up on their blogs. ;)

6. Favourite food:
I love Japanese food. But I eat anything. (Quote from the boyfriend, really.)

7. Define love:
I can never define it, not because it is complicated. On the contrary, love is quite simple. I can’t define it because they found the word inarticulate when they met me. :P Okay, fine, I will try. All I know, love is.. okay, I can’t. It’s a wonderful feeling you cannot describe, that’s all.

8. Define sex:
Err.. the coming together of two (or more) people? Haha. Okay, this is starting to get inappropriate!

9. Any celebrity crushes?:
Many! One of them is, obviously, the cute Christopher Gorham. I can name a few more. Julian Lee Dong Wook, Drew Fuller, Eric Dane!

10. The last person you hugged:
I don’t remember. Maybe an aunt?

11. The last person you talked to:
The boyfriend.

12. The last time you cried:
Last night. I so don’t want to talk about it.

13. The last time you had sex:
See what I mean? Inappropriate!

14. The last time you made out:
See answer to question number 13.

15. The last person you dated:
The boyfriend. Well, I haven’t been seeing anyone else for the past five years, so yea.

16. The last time you went out:
Last night. Don’t ask me where.

17. What’s on your mind now?:
Something about last night. See #12.

18. What’s bothering you?:
A lot! Well, just one thing, but I’m being a drama queen again.

19. This year’s resolutions:
I don’t have any, year after year. I just can’t be bothered.

20. Your MSN nick:
It’s “Pinatas are promoting violence against flambuoyant animals!!”, but I rarely go on MSN these days.

21. What’s your MSN nick about?:
It’s about the suffering of pinatas. And violence promotion.

22. The people you miss the most:
My dad.

23. Current mood:
Bored to tears.

24. What are you thinking?:
I’m thinking how to get out of the house unnoticed.

25. Best childhood memory:
When I was about 8 years old, and Liz was just 5, her family and mine went on to Singapore for a family trip (now annual Singapore trip), and it was early in the morning. I called her up in their hotel room, which was just next door, when everyone else was getting ready for another day of shopping, and I asked her, “Ko pakai make-up kah hari ani?” which translates to “Are you wearing make-up today?” Days before, we bought Barbie make-up kits at Toys ‘R Us. LOL!

26. 3 of your biggest fears:
The dark, rejection, and messing up on air!

27. Who do you love?:
Who do you need?~ Okay, that was just a line from The Moffatts’ Who Do You Love. Haha. Anyway. I love my family, the boyfriend, and my close girl friends.

28. 3 of the things you hate:
The dark, backstabbers, bad tudong day.

29. Do you blog?:
I don’t know, I’m thinking of starting one.

30. Tag 5 people:
Nonnie, Amani, Affy, Faz, and Ka Zian.


7 responses to “I’m it!

  1. Wu! Another taggie.
    I love it when I have nothing to blog :p

  2. LOL. I know! It gives you something to do.

  3. nah kana tah ku hehehehe… buleh ku jawap sini sja kah? :)

  4. awu eh, nada kan di blog pun ada kan di blog hahaha. Hi Tinz!!

  5. Hiii Tina! I love Marie Digby’s rendition of ‘You Give me Something’. Soo lawa.. Hehe. Almost equals James Morisson.

  6. Ka Zian, mana saja, kalau sanggup! Haha.

    Faz, yatah kan! Siuk jua bah banarnya.

    Roxie, hi there! I absolutely love Marié’s cover of that song too! I’m planning on putting it on the airwaves soon. (Oh, and when I have the time, I’ll try out the new artists you put up in your latest post!)

  7. i just finished my 1st season ugly betty. the ending was super bleh that’s what got me sitting here search for spoiler for season 2 which by now everyone should already have known what happened with henry, alexis car crash, santos, hilda… i’m so passe. lol. anyway that’s how i find ur blog. ur blog is very interesting!

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