New eye candy!

Christopher Gorham (who plays Henry in Ugly Betty) is hot! And funny!

Though he’s married for seven years and have two kids.


6 responses to “New eye candy!

  1. Btw you’ve been tagged!

    And I actually prefer Eric Mabius for some reason, he just has something about him… must be the red hair lol


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  3. Eric Mabius is all right too, not too shabby, but I think I’m more towards cute dorks. LOL.

  4. damn! n i thot i was the only one who thinks he’s hot:) he has 2 kids already?!?!?! wOw…..

  5. atu hotssssssss… dont judge the dude by his glasses jua banar ah. and hes married! which makes him even hotter! HAHAHAHHA

  6. Lily, at first, I thought the same! Actually, I thought more in the lines of, “OMG. I think a dork is hot.” Hahaha. And yea, he has two sons. Did you play the video? He talks about how he met his wife!

    Faz, hot ahh? BERABIS. Suka ku. Even with the glasses, he is cute and adorable!

    LOL on the married bit!

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