My take on Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty didn’t spark any interest of mine when it first came out. I’m always late to jump on the bandwagon, because I prefer to have the whole season out on DVD so I don’t have to wait every week for a new episode. Okay, I’m not always like that, but I was with Ugly Betty because I couldn’t be bothered.

But.. One glorious day, which usually falls on the day that pay is out, I wasn’t particularly spoiled for choice when I paid a visit to Joey Joe, my favourite DVD store. I spotted the complete first season of Ugly Betty, and I thought, “Hm, why not?” So I did.

And I only finished watching Ugly Betty’s yesterday.

September 27th can’t come any sooner! Second season airs on that date, and trust me, I’ll be braving the Trojan viruses this time around just to see what happens in the first episode. By that, I meant downloading torrents, of course. But I’m going to ask around first before I start this bad habit again. ;)

(Warning: Either hate me for posting them up, or stop reading from this point on. Ugly Betty spoilers ahead.)

So, all right.. I’ve never had favourite episodes before on any TV series, but on Ugly Betty, I fell in love with episode 21, Secretaries’ Day. I have to say it’s mostly influenced by Henry Grubstick. Don’t you think he and Betty are adorable?!

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Image above was a scene from Secretaries’ Day. When he was semi-conscious, saying the three little words. I practically shrieked when he did that! Romance on TV and in the movies, in my opinion, rarely warm the heart anymore because it seems like they are.. I don’t know, nothing new.

But when Henry, played by Christopher Gorham — trust me, this isn’t the last time his (character/real) name will be mentioned on this post, said those words, he seemed so sincere albeit semi-conscious.

Another favourite episode of mine is the season finale, 23rd episode, East Side Story. The goodbye made by Henry to Betty when he decided to move with Charlie back to Tucson! I CRIED! This season finale has to be THE season finale of all season finales of TV!

This is my second favourite scene, where Betty confessed in the copier room.

Awwww! Cute, dorky and sweet all at the same time!

And my most favourite, where Henry said goodbye (which, hopefully doesn’t get taken down), from the scene that I so wished didn’t happen, but did, but in the end was one of the things that made the finale great.

I was so sad he was leaving! Responsible, yes, but still sad! For Betty. They were just perfect for each other! Then again, like Betty said, “.. it would’ve been too easy..”

So then, based on my obsession with the Betty-Henry relationship, I made a little research on the good ‘ol Internet, and found out from here that from season two onwards Christopher Gorham (Henry) will become core regulars in the show. YEAY! Which means, it’s not really goodbye.

By the way, here’s Christopher, who plays the most adorable geek that is Henry.

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“It’s just something I know.”

If I had to rate this TV show, based on this one season, I would give it five stars out of five! Love it. Don’t care what you think, I LOVE IT.

Okay, you know what? I’m going to throw in another video that make me fall in love with Henry (the character and the guy playing him!)

Sigh.. :))


5 responses to “My take on Ugly Betty

  1. He is one cute dork… hehe..

    He was in another TV series – Popular, but that series got cancelled after three seasons I think?

    Anyway, I’ve always been on the lookout for him after that series and was so happy when I saw him on Ugly Betty. Actually, he’s the only reason I downloaded the torrents every week :)

    And oh oh, Ugly Betty’s finale really was the best TV finale last season (compared to Grey’s Anatomy, which was bleurgh). Lots of cliffhangers. Can’t wait for Season 2!

    I hope Santos (Justin’s father) doesn’t die. I think he’s cute too hehe

  2. I hope Santos doesn’t really die too. But then Justin’s mother was really crying when the police came to her. Sigh.

  3. Allydee, he is ahh? Sigh. Cute berabis! Yea, he was in Popular, I saw his videos on YouTube, but I didn’t play them. I think I’m going to be on the lookout for him too, manatau he’s going to be in new movies or something. Hehe.

    I just find him really adorable in Ugly Betty, trying to woo her and everything.

    I haven’t watched GA’s season 3 finale yet. Hehe. All I can say about Ugly Betty’s finale, is that it definitely made me want to catch the second season!

    War, yea, I hope Santos doesn’t die. But the way Hilda was crying, I doubt that he didn’t. But here’s to hoping that he might just be in a coma!

  4. i love ugly betty! ;) and henry is so so hot. hehee. oh by the way, i updated!

  5. Me too! Henry is dorky cute, Christopher is hot! :D

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