Himbo & Bimbo

As I was on my way to the studio for my three hour shift last night (just in case, time check now is WAY after midnight), I was surprised to see the usually orange-carpeted walls were very much bare.

Sean was in the studio before he handed it over for Technologic (the show Aaron and I host every Saturday night, by the way), and I talked to him about the walls, and he said, “It’s like being in Saw.” Then, I said, “Maybe they’re filming Saw 4 in Brunei!”

Wishful thinking on my part. But even Aaron, who was in Bandar this time ’round, said that the walls look scary. Haha.

So if you’re wondering how it looks like before, I don’t have the before picture, but the walls’ were lined with orange carpet, like shown below.

This is just outside Pilihan FM studio.

Just one of those days when I don’t have anything good to blog about. Ha.


4 responses to “Himbo & Bimbo

  1. yeah… sorry for the karitness!!! just out of curiosity though; what have you been baking recently? :)

  2. new sound proofing walls to be put in, maybe? but it looks eerie in a cool way without the “orange carpet”

  3. Why would they want to ‘carpet’ the walls in the first place?

  4. Sha, don’t worry about it. :D I baked brownies out of a box the other day.. I think it was from Betty Crocker or something. Really sweet. Ich.

    Jo, haha, yea. It’s refurbishing time. It’s really weird, because it always looks so warm with all the orange surroundings. Now, it feels cooler because of the nothingness. And you don’t want it to be cooler, because the hallways to the studio can freeze you! (Exaggerating, I know.)

    Affy, the carpet muffles sound? Hehehe. Not sure, but I think so that it’s sound proof, or something. I better make sure. I’ll get back to you! (If I remember. LOL. :P)

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