If you ask any of the people I’m close to, they will choose to say, among other things, that I have a bad temper. A few find this hard to believe, but I can get really ticked off by the tiniest things. I understand why, though. It’s because I only show this side to those I’m closest with. I can count these people in one hand, mind.I’m not the kind to throw tantrums, but I snap a lot.

My mom has brought this issue to my attention because she’s scared that I’ll end up with, I don’t know, was it high blood pressure? I really am not sure now what she had mentioned. She’s always worried because I snap at the smallest things too. Especially in the car.

My mom will also be able to tell if I’m angry just by a single ‘tsk’, or a tiny groan of someone being stupidly annoying. I also sometimes have colourful vocabulary, when the time calls for it. Sometimes I wonder why people don’t ask, “And you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

When I’m feeling less angry, I change some words to more friendly words, for example, “WHAT THE FUDGE?!” because I really want to keep it clean in front of the kids. *rolls eyes*

Sometimes people can tell I’m pissed when I’m really quiet. I talk a lot, so you can tell something is wrong when I’m not saying a word. But that is how I’m like with other people I’m close to, even my closest friends.

Anyway. I’m on this topic, because I just got really angry at someone I really care about for forgetting that I am on this end, chatting with him. Now, he’s not here, and I miss him badly.

I really need to get my temper in check.


3 responses to “Puh-lease.

  1. ablution? fasting? lying down? but not recommended when you’re driving of course.

    growing up with alot of “angry” people around me, i know the best way to control that rage is to have an outlet. anything. sports, shopping, writing, blogging…

    it’ll work and hopefully you’ll patch up with your friend.

  2. I think I got the same problem too.
    And Bobby always asked me why I never throw my temper to my friends but it’s him who always kana unluckily..

  3. Husna, ablution usually works for me, but it’s an ongoing thing, a cycle.. I’m not really angry person, but I just throw it in the direction of the ones I love and am comfortable with. Basically, with people whom I expect to understand me.

    Oh, one of my outlets is blogging too! :) Before, I used to write in the confines of my room, but now, I decided to humiliate myself post it up publicly on this blog! Haha. :)

    It was actually with the boyfriend, but he’s very patient with me, thankfully, so we’re okay. Thanks for dropping by! :)

    Nonnie, I think andangnya bah ah? People we love always kana. Hmm.

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