A walk down memory lane

I keep boxes. In these boxes are things that I keep for memory’s sake. On them, I label the year they belong to.

Tonight, I took out the 2004 box, for no reason. I saw some pictures that didn’t belong in that year, but they all bring a rather dreary feeling they decide to call nostalgia.

My printer/photocopier/scanner has given up on me since eons ago, so I had to make full use of my camera, so excuse the quality of these pictures. (I didn’t even bother editing them in Photoshop.)

This is during sungkai with Izzah, but I don’t remember if this actually belongs in the 2004 box.

I know this is definitely not 2004. It’s 2003, from left, that’s Pram, me, and Daniel. I lost contact with these two, and I’m sorry it had to happen because they were really great guys. They were in my Biology class, back in Maktab Duli.

When I was browsing through the photos, I just had to put this one up! CLASSIC! When was this, I don’t remember! From left, Izzah, Tiq, and myself. What I remember is that this was taken in a shop at The Mall. The shop is now closed, I think they didn’t do quite well.

Liz and I. Taken during on the Raya family outings. (I remember posting this on one of my old blogs, and I remember those earrings! I wonder where they’ve gone?)

And this.. is my favourite. (How can it not be?)

That was dad keeping a lookout for my little sister. He once used to study in Preston, Lancashire, and we decide to have a roadtrip to London. This was on Trafalgar Square, back in ’97!

Aww, looking at the last picture reminds me that my family and I always meant to go back and visit the UK on holiday. We fantasized on having the fish and chips, and maybe drop by Preston and see how much it has changed.. Now that dad’s gone.. they’re all just plans.


10 responses to “A walk down memory lane

  1. The only ‘memory’ boxes I keep are ones of stuff my boyfriend and I did together. So cheesy. I tried keeping a ‘Family Trips’ box, but that failed.

  2. ai gambar ku. maluuuuuuuuuuuuu. lol.

  3. Memory boxes? Wow, that sounds like a great idea. I keep pictures and everything else (mostly junk) but I vaguely know when I had/took them..

  4. Wow atu classic all the pics! But they’re all lovely. :D

    At first glance I thought Tiq had pigtails on lol.

  5. Totally unrelated….

    I miss you.. So suddenly. :lol: I was browsing through blogs, and my mind wondered.. and eventually, you were in my head. So yeah. I miss you. Talking to you and all.

    Hope to see you again someday..

    Take care…

    Dramatic bah aku ah. :lol:

  6. Dhil, mine’s all jumbled up, I just sort them into years. After going through 2004 box, I find out, they’re not really that sorted. LOL. They just need some place to live in.

    Tiq, hahaha, you had mine up when you had a birthday post for me! LOL. It’s not payback time, you looked cute jua. ;P

    Sha, I got them from teen movies back then. So dramatic of me, I guess. LOL. I try to keep dates, but by the end of the day, I always forgot. So I just remember the years. Hee.

    War, awu! Classic berabis! But I loved looking at them, reminds me how ‘thinner’ I was then. Back then, I was berisi, now I’m FAT!

    Haha, I can’t imagine Tiq with pigtails!

    Atul, awwww.. I miss you too! We used to play netball a lot, now, all my friends are busy with their working life.

    I wonder what steps in your mind you went through to think of me? Hehehe.

    We will see each other again, inshaAllah. You take care too, dearie. :)

  7. Aku ada email c Pram but then lama dah ku inda chat dgn ia. Maybe nearly a year dah nie. Hmmmm.. Ko mau email nya?

  8. Mal, I also have him on my MSN, but I haven’t e-mailed him in a long time! It might have been two years for me, not sure ah. But.. entah, I’m so scared of that awkwardness. But I miss the boys.

  9. man, i forgot that pram is hot. i’m old. tina, you look so skinny in that picture! haha.

  10. Maurina, you’re not old. I am older than you are, so you’re definitely not old. Hahaha. Anyway, andangnya tu, in the picture, I sat in a different way, yatah inda nampak excess baggage. ;)

    I always thought Pram looked all right, but nothing hot material for me, I think. I sort of get the cold shoulder from someone, though. Our junior, but let’s not talk about that here. LOL.

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