I have gained weight. Okay, no, that’s just saying it in a nice way. I AM GETTING FAT. Like, seriously. Not in a way that I’m being insecure or anything. I have increased in volume! Or mass? No, I think it’s volume. Anyway. I had a bit of a hard time to zip up the kain of my baju kurong for the past three days.

Yea, baju kurong for the scheduled events for my cousin’s wedding. His bersanding ceremony was today — lost track of time, it might have already been noon — and it was mighty hot! I don’t sweat in the normal heat that we get in Brunei, but today, I was sweating profusely! The lining of my top ended up sticking to my skin. Bleurgh. Not a comfortable feeling, I can tell you that.

Saw a couple of my friends, Salwana, who was related to the bride (we’re now related through marriage!), Ratz, and Dhil’s parents (Dhil, wanted to tegur and say hi to your mom, but she was busy talking to someone.)

I have pictures, but I left my camera downstairs and I’m too knackered to even get off this chair. Yes, I’m not even planning on walking to bed to take a short nap because I’m that tired. I think it was the heat that did it, really. I could’ve handled the exhaustion well without it. Maybe with a little cool breeze and some clouds. But these two were missing in action. Pfft.

I’m off, I will post the pictures soon. (And abang Muhaimin, the groom, looked so happy today! :))

Also, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE COUPLE!! (Semoga berkekalan hingga ke anak cucu!)

(On a very different note, if you’re interested, have a listen to Feelings Show by Colbie Caillat. I’m loving the “Love is crazy, pretty baby. Take it real slow.” bit. Nice. Go download. [Or, ahem, buy her album.])


6 responses to “Tiredness!

  1. It was boiling today wasn’t it??? I attended a wedding near my place too and 15 minutes after we got seated at one of the tents I was drenched! And if that wasn’t bad enough by about an hour into it I was so sweaty that I couldn’t keep my legs crossed, they just kept slipping off one another lol! Hehe sorry, that was a tad disgusting wasn’t it lol :)
    Ps: Water retention can add up to 2kg extra weight you know so you just might be storing water…Failing that, I’m just very happy the new trends out this summer are nice, loose fitted tops lol! They’ve been my wardrobe staple this summer, to hide unsightly bulks and bulges hehe

    F xxxx

  2. Aaaahhhh, my parents went to your cousin’s wedding rupanya. What is his dad’s name? My parents said they had to go to two weddings after sending us off at the airport.

  3. F, it was! Insanely hot! I tried to walk from point A to B without getting a heat stroke! I had to walk into an air-conditioned room so that I won’t pass out. At one point, I braved it, I had a major headache! It wasn’t pretty, what with all the snapping and frowning. LOL.

    Does storing water add volume? LOL. I hope it’s water retention!

    Oh, and I hate the site of bulges! It would really make my day if I could hide them!

    Dhil, my side is the groom’s, your parents attended the bride’s. I saw them as they walked out of the house before we were to be ushered in. The bride’s father is the Minister of Finance 2, though.

  4. A relative of mine got married over the weekend too! Just that they sandinged (lol) on Saturday :P

  5. Why is everyone getting married lately?
    I’m so tired of people asking those who are stil bujangs whens their turn..

  6. Sha, for a moment there, I was dumbstruck, but then I remembered that in Singapore, Saturdays and Sundays are public holidays, not Friday and Sundays, like Brunei. Haha.

    I’d like to witness a Singapore Malay wedding, my aunt says the preparations are very different than those here. I’m probably going to head to Singapore for one in February, inshaAllah. Hee.

    Nonnie, in Islam, getting married is a good thing. ;) And thankfully!, I have never been asked when my turn will be. Not many know I have a boyfriend, so I think they can’t really ask. Then again, my cousins with boyfriends/girlfriends don’t usually get asked “the question.”

    Maybe it’s just certain people? Hehe.

    However, I do have an answer prepared. If anyone ever asks, I’ll say, “Next year, but don’t tell my mom. I want it to be a surprise,” with a huge grin on my face. What kind of reaction would I get, I wonder? Hehe.

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