Before I start the post, I would like to convey my deepest condolences to Izzah, Ka Zian and Ka Ety, for their recent loss of their beloved aunt who passed away yesterday. Keep your chins up, she is in a better place, inshaAllah. Al-Fatihah.


I wanted to update yesterday, but my hands were a tad busy since my cousin’s bride is having a berbedak ceremony after my outing with the girls. (Tonight is his turn, by the way.)

Hamizah, Yusrina, Zawanah, and I, had lunch at Fusion, at The Mall in Gadong, and it was quite good. Not a good idea if you’re on a tight budget, but its serving proportion is quite satisfying for such a price. I had the stuffed chicken with mashed potatoes. And the drinks! The glasses they used were large. I had expected a small amount of apple tea, like how they serve drinks in Sanur. Seriously. I don’t know if Sanur had changed their set of drinking glasses, but I hope they have! (Compared to Fusion’s, Sanur’s glasses are of minuscule proportions!)

Then we met up with Amal, Tiq, Ratna, and their guy cousin (whose name I had forgotten) to watch My Wife Is A Gangster 3. That movie was FUN-NEE! It was slapstick, it was sarcastic, it was.. I don’t know, everything that rhymes with stick? I loved it, though I missed some parts because of a toilet break and all, and sometimes the subtitles skip and whatnot.

Go watch it, if you’ve watched everything else at the movies, or you just don’t want to watch them. I mean, for me, I definitely do NOT want to watch Love Is Cinta. Heart was enough to make me cry, and not in a very-tear-jerking-movie way, it’s in a horrid I-am-bored-to-tears way.

Had fun, as always, it kind of feels that the group is back together, as most of the girls are done with their degrees and they’re back for good. Congratulations to the new Biology and Combined Science teacher, Miss Yusrina! :D The rest of us is waiting for that big belanja in December! *cough*BONUS*cough* Teehee. And good luck to Miss Saleha for her quest to continue on her studies! You can do it! :)

Anyway, I’ll sign off with a big, colossal hug for Miss Izzah, who was missing from all the things happening. Feel better, sweetheart. *HUGS*

Sorry. Some might be annoyed by online/virtual hugs, but for a person like me, who’s been (and still is!) in a long-distance relationship for more than 3-4 years, I depend on virtual hugs. And I like giving them too. I’m not a hugger in real life, so virtual hugs are, [bimbo mode] like, the next best thing. [/bimbo mode] :D


4 responses to “HUGS!

  1. thanks Tina <3 <3

  2. I like virtual hugs too.. I mean I can hardly expect real hugs from like.. you guys who read my blog right? And yet virtual hugs bring a certain amount of comfort as well, even when you’re just reading it. Did that make sense? Anyways I love My Wife Is A Gangster 3!! Funny right?? I’ve been a fan of Shu Qi for a long long time now :)

    Have a good wknd huns!

  3. hey tina, i heard your show the other night on the way home, was really tempted to call but didn’t in the end cos you guys kept saying the number too fast! anyway, just to inform you that i’ve moved. :o)

  4. Izzah, don’t worry about it, sweety. <3

    F, exactly! Virtual hugs were meant to be a form of comfort for people. Especially me. The “hug” is the most heartwarming thing that anyone can ever give me when I have a bad time.

    And My Wife Is A Gangster is hilarious! I wasn’t expected to laugh as much as I did, but I definitely did! LOL. Shu Qi’s upper lip is thicker than her lower, no? Hehe, but I like her nonetheless. She looks pretty with frilled collar, or whatever it is they call it. Hee.

    Hey, Sha! :) Thanks for tuning in! I rarely have my friends listening in, so yea.. You should’ve called! I don’t know when you tuned in, but I couldn’t put you on air on the Saturday night show.. But call in next time, yes? :)

    And thanks for the notice! :D

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