Nothing like it

Sigh. Just one of the times when I miss my dad. So prepare yourselves. I can either annoy you or reduce you to tears. :P

I always miss my dad, that’s just natural, but the sad thing here is: he is slowly fading in my memory.

Not in a sense that he is not remembered, but his characteristics. How he laughed. the way he talked, his smile when he was up to no good.. things like that. The smallest things that I always miss, and now, I can barely even remember them.

Every time I have time alone, I’d look through his pictures, re-live the memory, and try to remember how he was like. It still feels unreal. Unreal that he’s gone. Unreal that I still can’t get over it, though I have accepted it.

I really miss his laugh. He brightens people’s days up, let alone his family’s. He loved to share his riddles, especially in car rides home, and some of them would make no sense at all, he just wanted us to laugh after a long day at school/work. He was also always a mediator too, whenever I quarrel with my mom or my sister. There is only less than five occurrences when I had a disagreement with my dad, so I needed no mediators, as he would just give in.

One thing that has been in my mind is that.. I am really looking forward to the Singapore trip, but I am definitely going to miss my dad’s presence there. He always bought us nasi briyani from the restaurant located just a minute away from our hotel. Whenever he came back with a couple of bags of goodies, he would just sit down, watch TV and once in a while look at us devour the food as if we hadn’t eaten in ages.

He was the greatest dad I could have asked for. Not perfect, but he was just great. Now that he has left us for good, my mom has uncovered a few things to me that I hadn’t known when he was alive.. and I am thoroughly grateful to Allah for giving me such a great dad like him.

(Not going to share what the things were. :P)

Random thought: The boyfriend says that reading my blog is like looking in to my thoughts. Whaddya think? I think he’s somewhat close. ;)

All right, sad moment over. It’s time to get more Z’s now, and be excited for tomorrow’s outing with the girls! My Wife Is A Gangster 3, here we come!! :D


4 responses to “Nothing like it

  1. Your blog is easy and simple to read. Nothing complicated and confusing.

    Just like you.

  2. Rest assured, you did neither. I just smiled reading about your late dad. :)

    I think your boyfriend’s somewhat close too. ;P

    Have fun for tomorrow’s outing and the movie. Tell me how the movie went for you yeah? I mean post lah ah hehe.

  3. Blogs are a reflection of your mind, :)

    It’s always wonderful to think of happy moments like that, at the very least you can be assured that your dad is remembered in happiness :)

  4. Nonnie, wow, thanks! :)

    War, haha, sometimes I worry people get annoyed by the silliest things I post. *ahem*

    Anyway, I had fun with the outing, will post soon!

    Sha, they are indeed. It’s like a Pensieve! :)

    Yes, he is remembered in the best of ways by everyone, but I am sad that I yearn to hear his laugh or hear him talk, just so that I can remember what my life was like when he was still here.

    I don’t know. I’m weird. Hehe.

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