I can get really random

I just had the weirdest work experience ever. Having a stranger tell you that they have your picture on their phone is really weird.

Bordering freaky.

I may have to privatize this entry soon, COMMENT QUICKLY!

LOL. Kidding.

I just can’t sleep. Again.

Has anyone got really funny pictures or stories to share?

Or maybe save me from boredom?

These days, I have been dreaming of the days my family and I go for our (sometimes bi)annual Singapore trip. It would be really different without dad, but I cannot wait. It’s going to be in December, inshaAllah. If everything falls through. If not, I’m just going to have to wait until next year.

But I’m really craving for the days and nights spent shopping. The smell of new things that you’re trying to pack when you’re back in your hotel room. Not looking forward to the feet acting up, though. They always do. I WANT TO HAVE SURGERY TO FIX THEM! I haven’t gotten my feet checked by the doctors yet, but mom just reckons I need to lose weight.

Like, hello. (Allow me to be a bimbo at this hour.) I got my flat feet from dad, he had trouble walking long-distances too.

It’s not like I don’t like how my feet looks. Actually, I love how they look, it’s pretty dainty, and it fits into the sexiest of shoes! But they are literally a pain when I walk. Even in flats, walking around at The Mall in Gadong can be a pain. Imagine walking the whole length of Orchard Road in Singapore! I’d rather die.

Not really. But I’d try to find places to sit on while the others shop. And shop for me, while they’re at it. LOL.

I really shouldn’t think excessively. Whatever brain cells I have left have to be reserved for tomorrow. Three hours of sleep usually don’t cover the regeneration of lost brain cells. Whichever ones that regenerate. I really do not know much about anything, do I?

Whatever. I’m just going to lie down in bed and stare at the ceiling.


10 responses to “I can get really random

  1. I haven’t been to Singapore in 2 years now.. Was meant to go during the last long weekend, but my dad got ill.. Apparently there’s a new mall, called the HarbourFront or something and it’s the biggest mall in Singapore! *Sigh* Too many things to buy, so little money :)

    Um.. So how’d the stranger get your picture for his phone?

    F xxxx

  2. kesian jua bunyi nya eh inda dapat tidur heheehhe. I have trouble sleeping jua these past few days, I turned right and left but never to stare at the ceiling pasalnya antah ah? and it’s really cold and windy sini bising wah luar ah berijap sikit.. wah becerita ku tinz HAHAHAHAH

  3. How come ko inda beceta in my blog Faz? Heh. Mau lagi tu.

    Anyway, yeah cana the stranger ada your picture in his phone?

    Haha surgery? No matter how “fit” I am I still get extremely aching feet after hours of shopping (overseas lah ah especially).

    Siuk jua kan ke Singapore!

  4. I’ll be going to Singapore just a few days after I get back to Brunei (on my birthday too). Wheee!

    I hope the stranger isn’t a stalker.

  5. F, I heard about the HarbourFront as well, but I’m not sure if that’s the name of the mall. True, though. I mean, if we have lots of money, we don’t have time! Why is that? Sigh.

    About that stranger, he got it through Friendster. Contemplating whether I need to make it private. Just need a few more reactions, as I got mixed ones, especially from the boyfriend; he seemed fine!

    Faz, dorang cakap pernah pulang orang teliat something masa stare at the ceiling atu, tapi malas ku elaborate, karang aku jua yang takut. Haha.

    Becerita tah, I like to hear people out jua, haha.

    War, once you get Faz talking, there’s not stopping! Haha (joke, Faz, joke.)

    Yep, well, like I said, Friendster.

    I am flat-footed, and until recently, I found out that it can be fixed! Thing is, my feet will start to ache in half the time other people do!

    Dhil, lucky you! The only time I spent my birthday overseas was on my 13th birthday! LOL.

    I hope he isn’t a stalker too. :/

  6. Well I suppose it’s flattering, if a little (a lot?) creepy! Lol maybe your boyfriend doesn’t mind because he’s proud of the fact that guys are randomly taking your photos? Pfftt who knows how a guy’s mind works eh? :) Well if you’re not comfortable with it, then I reckon you should privatise it…But if it’s not keeping you up at night then by all means keep posting those photos! :)

    F xxx

  7. Let me know when you come by! You can ask me plenty of questions b4 ur trip.. so you can plan for your days here.. :)

  8. F, it was really flattering, at first, when he said I looked.. well, he made a rather positive remark about my pictures. Then he told me he had it/them in his phone! Aaack!

    I’ve quit trying to figure out how a guy’s mind work, because they are as complicated as guys think women’s minds are. LOL.

    It doesn’t make me toss and turn in bed, but it’s just freaky when I really think about it. Haha.

    Sha, ooh! That would be fun! I’d try to remember that! Thanks! :D

  9. Shaaaa tell me more about the newest biggest mall in Singapore so I can sit here and dream about going shopping there lol! :)


  10. Ooh! And, Sha, in addition to that, take pictures!

    We can all share the dream. Haha.

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