A little slap on the forehead

I can be such an idiot.

A small, red ant was making its way down the laptop screen earlier on and I was about to brush it away.

Innocent as this statement is.. I tried to brush it away with my cursor.



17 responses to “A little slap on the forehead

  1. LOL! That’s pretty bimbotic though. But very funny.

    I can imagine how hard you slapped your forehead and laughed noticing it.

  2. Mmmmmmbahhhh

  3. Heheeheheh that is funnny

  4. One word. D’oh!


  5. Nonnie, you imagine a loud smack. That’s how hard I slapped my forehead! Hahaha. I can be such a durr brain.

    Affy, if I was blonde, I’d be a platinum with a fake tan! Haha.

    Mal, as crazy as it is, it is TRUE. Haha.

    Rose, I know. I laugh silly when I think about it.

    War, well said. Haha!

  6. Back in Aus, I was sitting on my bean bag which I placed opposite of my mirror closet. Then I saw something crawling from the reflection in the mirror and I jumped thinking it was that damn mouse again.

    Turned out I was wiggling my toes.

    LOL. I know how you feel, huns.

  7. hahahahaha tinzzzzzzz tinz.

  8. Tina

    since the topic is random… R u going yg kak ainon mention this weekend??hehe. Me? to be confirm lagi…

    Neway, mau tah lari d ant??mana la tau ya nampak and takut cursor mu atu? kekeke :)

  9. Ness, hahaha, we be bimbos! :)

    Faz, I know. Embarrassing. Haha.

    Sel, awu, I’m going, inshaAllah. Confirmkan tia awu! Haha, aku banyak cerita jua, so come! Please? Hehe.

    Eh, sama questionmu with my boyfriend lapas ku ceritakan arahnya! Hahaha. Jawapan yang ku bagi ia: INDA LAH! *giggles*

    I don’t think the ant liat bawah (which is the laptop screen) while it was crawling! Haha.

  10. lol!!
    One of those blonde moments eh hehe

    F xxx

  11. Aku confirm pegi, insyallah… Ada driver ku on dat day… Teehee.. Bah jan inda cerita ahh..

    Panya yr bf ani as dorky as us jua, haha, no wonder u stayed dat long with him.. Heehee :) Sekepala…

  12. all i can say is:


  13. F, Nana and Connie, I know, it’s embarrassing, really. Hahaha.

    Sel, bagus, we’ve got loads to catch up on! Hehe.

    The boyfriend is a very much adorable dork, hahaha. He understands me well, since we’re both weird and.. well, I won’t elaborate. Haha.

  14. hahahahahahhahahahaha. i’d be lying if i said ive never done such thing before. ;p

  15. Nees, I am waiting for another comment that laughs at me. Or with me, whichever way you prefer. Hahaha.

    I am only human, and I love sharing it with my readers.

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