Birdie says, “HMPH.”

There are a couple of shows that I don’t want to do in August for one reason: I have no ideas what interesting things to put out to my faceless audience, as I tend to drone on and on and get really boring when I’m talking on my own.

That’s as far as I can comment about work at the moment. It’s been a bit too boring to write about. Uneventful. Pah.

However, something great happened today. I was just checking up on my bank account, just to see (hopefully wishing, more like) that July pay would be out. I know it was hopeless, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that instead of my B$20 that I could withdraw has now gone up to B$160! I have no idea where the money came from, because my July pay is considerably more than that, but I am happy!

I have an inkling on who (read: not mom) had put the money there.. But then again, maybe it was for the number of roadshows I did in the past. Maybe? I still don’t know where it came from. I’m planning on getting my bank book updated tomorrow, and hope it will put me out of my misery which is really just sheer joy mixed with curiosity.

Oh, did you know that I am now a nocturnal being now, getting three to four hours of sleep per day? Did ya? Huh? Did ya?

Yea. Well. It’s making me much more of a grouch now. Still bubbly and a little bit chirpy, but grumpy chirpy. LOL.


4 responses to “Birdie says, “HMPH.”

  1. I couldn’t sleep either! And I have to wake up early in the morning! aiks.. ada dark circles ni karang! haha hehe.. ohh ur comment replied!

  2. Getting money out of nowhere is a nice surprise hehe. :P

    Grumpy chirpy? I have to see it to believe it lol. ;P

  3. Alyaa, it’s crazy, isn’t it? It drives you mad with exhaustion, but you end up having the same amount of sleep! I already look like a panda!

    War, I may now know where it came from, but the initial surprise was nice. Hehe.

    I can be grumpy/chirpy. Haha. Grumpy at home, chirpy outside of home! LOL. Doesn’t make sense, but still grumpy/chirpy in fast-changing mode. Haha.

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