The Simpsons Movie

I went to watch The Simpsons Movie with the extended family today. My judgment on the movie might be influenced by the fact that I was watching with five kids, and only a few grown-ups, but, IT WAS HELLA FUNNY.

(Don’t worry, there are no spoilers in this post.)

I was never a big fan of The Simpsons series, neither was Liz’s mummy, but the movie was just so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing. What was weird was during the first few minutes, when the cat and the mouse was fighting (I’m sure they have important names), a couple of people were laughing out loud. Is it some sort of funny thing that was always funny in the series? I didn’t get it. They were laughing as if they were enjoying themselves, when there wasn’t much joy to revel yourself in. Weird.

Didn’t beat Transformers, but if you’re up for a very good laugh, watch the movie. I enjoyed the night immensely, albeit the fact that two of my cousins weren’t talking to each other. Nyeh.

(To Miss Amalina yang disayangi: Bah, balik sudah ni, bila lagi jalan?!)


5 responses to “The Simpsons Movie

  1. Hellooooo my baby sweethearrrrrtttt!!! Nahhhh barutah ku tetinggal comment. How are you lavvvv? Misshhh you.. Btw,SIuk kah simpson ani? Nya org siuk lagi dari harry potter.. banarkah?

    Hehe..bah, see you shooon take carest!!

  2. Bah tunggu saja. Ada tu agent ku (c Wanah hehehe) inform ko tu. Kekeke. Ada tu dalam dua tiga hari ani tani bejumpa. Yippeeee.

  3. Cali bah ahhh hehe. Inda payah suka the TV series. Kata bfku aku lagi banyak ketawa dari ia and he’s actually a big fan of the show. Hehe.

  4. The name of the cat and mouse is Itchy and Scratchy~ :p They’re like Tom & Jerry on steroids! xD

  5. Mamalobeeeennnngss! Inda apa-apa, kalau nada comment pun okay, aku masih sayang. Hahahaha. I’m okay sini, macam biasa~ I miss you too, by the way! When you come back, mesti hangout ah! Hehe.

    Aku kesiukan Simpsons! It was better than Harry Potter for me, because Harry Potter inda siuk (bagi ku.)

    Mal, hahaha, aku udah text tu si Wanah, ask her to fix a date. Ia atu semua orang punya agent! Hehe. Eeeek! Iski ku kan jumpa ko.

    War, CALI! Hahahaha. The thing is, though. I’m thinking that fans of the series will think that the movie is a longer version of the one episode of the series, and they will think it’s “macam biasa.” But I think it was hilarious!

    Eff, oh. Haha. Thanks! Itchy and Scratchy. Not quite sure which is which, but s’okay! LOL.

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