Two plans left

It’s funny. I’ve got three plans in my life at the moment. Plan A, B, and C. When plan A fails, I’d go to B. If plan B fails, well.. you get how it works.

Thing is, plan B has failed, and plan A hasn’t even gone forward yet! Hahaha.

Plan B, just to shed some light onto the matter, was continuing studies at UBD. This miss here texted me — after a long day at my cousin’s nikah, hantar berian, and berbedak mandi — and she asked me if I had my name up for the new intake. So I went to UBD administration board to check it out. My name wasn’t listed. I am now not a part of the new BSc. Computer Science intake. (Lists can be found here, in .PDF formats.)

Surprisingly, I am not disappointed. I guess my heart wasn’t in the whole spend another four years trying to get my degree thing. I was into three years, but anyway. Like I was saying, I’m not at all disappointed. I’ve got plan C to fall onto, and that’s looking great at the moment.

Plan A? I have no idea what’s going on with that, but I’m thinking I should let it go.

I always thought I’d wanted to study after I graduated, but.. circumstances change, and my feelings on certain matters have changed. Let’s just see what the future holds for me.

But I know, in that future, I want to get a Volkswagen Touareg, no matter what people say. LOL.

I am in love with that piece of metal they call a car! There was one parked in from of my aunt’s house earlier on, which was supposed to be the groom’s ride to the bride’s homestead, but something happened. LOL. But I want a VW Touareg! If anyone were to stop giving me birthday presents for 30 years, but buy me that car now, I won’t mind. Really!


P.S.: The previous post, about me getting all worked up, is now a private post. Sorry, War. ;)


7 responses to “Two plans left

  1. Understandable. :)

    I know someone who has a VW Touareg and she’s smaller than me. Cute usulnya makai hehe.

  2. Alternative plans might turn out to be a good one dear. And I’m pretty sure you”’ sort it all out sooner or later.

  3. I *love* the Touareg too!! One of the sexiest 4wheels out there now I reckon… I’d like to get one but I don’t think I’d be able to park it properly. I have trouble with a saloon car, imagine a big ass Touareg! :P Hope you’re having a good wknd!!

    F xxxx

  4. War, I WANT ONE. I know I’ll look swamped with a big car, but I really want it. Macam.. aku mau!

    Nonnie, thanks, sweety! I’m sorting things out, but I like my alternative plans at the moment. They’re looking great. :)

    F, it’s really sexy, isn’t it?! The boyfriend wants the Porsche Cayenne, but it’s too fancy for me. The Touareg will do fine for me.

    I drive a Toyota Echo, and I can’t imagine how I’ll adapt! (If I ever buy a Touareg, that is.) LOL.

  5. Lol! I love your reply to War’s comment! I feel like that too, like if I don’t have something, my life isn’t complete lol..only in my case it’s for the newest Gucci tote.. Man… I want!!! Lol :P To each her own eh, you have your vices and I have mine hehe

    F xxxx

  6. I loove VW Touareg too.. I want 1~! Heehee.. Sorry about UBD Tina… Lets look at the bright side, at least you’re not in the same class as Z*** nemore.. Hehe

  7. F, haha, banar wah! Although I am far from petite, I am short! Imagine me in a colossal car like that!

    And true! You feel like you have a sense of completion once you have what you want, even though it takes years. The satisfaction of obtaining such things is just.. indescribable. Haha.

    Sel, bah lakastah bali! Haha, but don’t buyn them in the colours that I like, which is practically semua! Haha.

    About UBD, it’s okay. I had a change of heart since.. well, nanti lah aku explain ah? ;)

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