That feeling they call euphoria

I just settled at home, after a great sushi lunch with Zawanah and future Biology teacher, Miss Yusrina. ;)

She was looking great, after graduating, and missing home very much. I have to say, she’s one of my favourite close friends. She goes off to the UK, and comes back as the same old Yusrina, but she has grown a lot along the way as well. She doesn’t let anything change her, and she appreciates her friends. And I love that about her.

And did we ever have fun during lunch. We had lots of laughter without even realizing it. I was talking about this guy that I was aggravated about, and we discussed about how he was a psychologist. Since he had mentioned “stupids”, we came up with, “Maybe he is psychos.” You know, dealing with other people’s problems and everything? Never mind. It was meant to be a private joke anyway.

Oh, it was so much fun. I feel so euphoric, just like the little girl with her huge glass of orange juice.

I miss having such laughs. With sincere, genuine friends. It feels like the years in STPRI again. Has it really been six years ago? We talked about who were going to get married next! It was a scary thought, but we turned it into a funny subject.

Greatest lunch I’ve had in ages!


7 responses to “That feeling they call euphoria

  1. Ooooo… inda tunggu2 aku kamu lunch ah. Never mind… sama jua aku inda makan sushi. Hehehehe.

  2. Tina, I’ll read your previous post after I’m done with Harry Potter 7 okay? :)

  3. Aww thats always a good thing. You know you have real friends when it doesn’t matter how long ago you last saw them it still feels like you only last saw them yesterday and there isn’t any awkwardness after that long absence.

    I find that with my school friends, it takes maybe a couple of hours before we settle back into the “groove” lol. We’ve been friends for 11 years now and one of the girls in my group I’ve been friends with for 20 years..(Oh my god! I just realised we’ve been friends for 20 years!! Thats 2 decades!!) .. Anyways, I find that now most of them have their own lives now, all but me are working and it’s harder to organise gatherings and such, and to find common ground to talk on.. But we do eventually :)

    F xxx

  4. you sneaky monkey. Hahaha. You’re not suppose to see that.

    It will only appear in the main page, if I update (which my blog lacks). In other words, it can’t appear on top of the main page.

    I’m saving $ for an iphone, you know. :D

  5. Mal, hahaha, ko lambat bah balik! :P

    Sha, no worries! :)

    F, it is, isn’t it? You know you’re set for life when you have friends like these. You know you can count on them when the rest of the world just can’t seem to get you.

    And, wow.. 20 years is a long time!

    Affy, whoops? Hahaha. Are posts like that not supposed to be on top of the main page?

    And you know that once you have an iPhone, you have to try and blend it, right? LOL. Good luck with the saving bit! I think you’ll need it! :D

  6. What happened to the post after this? Hehe I was about to comment.

  7. Tinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I’m homeeeeee. =D

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