Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

I’m still alive! After a grueling weekend, I made it alive.

Fine, it wasn’t grueling, it was just a bit too long for my liking.

I was at Izzah’s for a little baking session on Saturday afternoon, joined by Amani and Amni. Had a great laugh, especially on having crushes. Hahahaha. I thought that was hilarious. Left early, since I had to pick my sister up from school, and my mom from work. (This reminds me. Zah, I didn’t get to eat the muffins, my family vacuumed them all! LOL.)

After I picked my sister and my mom up, I picked a copy of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows that I had deposited B$20 after I watched the fifth movie. I delayed the reservation because I told myself that I didn’t need to reserve a copy, because after the fifth and sixth book, I reckon the seventh book will be in abundance by the time it arrives in Brunei. But I didn’t take my chances. LOL.

So I picked it up, and my mom brought us somewhere to have a drink, and I started reading there and then. It was a shocker to read that the book got straight down to business. (More on Harry Potter later.)

I had work at 9 that night, and only finish at midnight, so there goes my opportunity to finish the book the same day it came out (I’m weirdly obsessed that way.) I had a good show, nonetheless. It was new. Saturday’s Nite Tune on Pilihan FM is no longer called The Lounge, it is Technologic. All about tech and gadgets, and we had to find a new name. And it suited well! The show went fabulously great, and I had copious amounts of fun. (Please don’t comment on my selection of adjectives early this morning. LOL.)

I bet the closing sounded weird, though, because my bladder had chosen the wrong time to go for a bathroom break. I will make up for it on the next show.

So when I drove home after midnight, I changed, and straightaway pried open Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows once again. I was on chapter 23 when I realized that it was already 6AM! And I had a show to do at 11AM! The horror of having to put the book down! But I knew I had to have a little sleep. I tell you, after what I’ve gone through on Saturday, three hours of sleep was simply not enough.

So I went to work, at 10AM, because I thought the road closures for the get-together ceremony in Bandar in conjunction with His Majesty’s 61st birthday anniversary celebration would be very difficult to get around. I got to the studio in time, with 30 minutes to spare, so I opened my book once again. I swear, it was a very gripping read. I have to say that this seventh, and final, book is my most favourite. I thought, by the time I finished the book, I would still prefer Prisoner of Azkaban, but no.. This last book was the best I’ve read.

WARNING: SPOILER AHEAD! (Work, by the way, was uneventful.)

What was good about this book was that it didn’t beat around the bush, it dove right in to the adventures. And I was a bit upset that there were a lot of deaths in the book. First, Hedwig! Then, Mad-Eye Moody. I was also upset when Fred Weasly, Lupin and Tonks had died. But it had to happen, I guess.

I also cried in chapter 33: The Prince’s Tale. It had revolved around Snape, his memories and why he insisted on protecting Harry. Who knew Severus Snape was in love with Lily Evans/Potter? And the sacrifices he made. Thank goodness that Albus Dumbledore died willingly instead of what I had assumed to have happened, in the sixth book. I didn’t want to believe that Albus had died because someone had killed him, because he was the strongest wizard that I have known in the series. And so kesian kan, Snape tu? Sigh.

After I finished reading The Prince’s Tale, I wished he wasn’t murdered by Voldemort at that point. That reminds me, I had trouble knowing what the silvery blue substance was when Snape was bleeding to death. When the new chapter came, I realized it was Snape’s memory for the Pensieve!

Questions from the previous books were definitely answered in this book. Loose ends were tied, and I was happy with the explanations too.

The book was very dark, in my opinion, with the many deaths and all, but there was still those funny moments where you just wish you were a part of it, and somehow you are, but you’re just the reader.

I’m most happy about the feelings that Harry and Ron Weasley had for their respective loves. (Being the hopeless romantic that I am.)

I was happiest with the ending! Harry and Ginny Weasley have two boys and a girl! And they named their kids after the people they loved. Ron and Hermione Granger have two kids! And Neville Longbottom is a Herbology professor now!

I am gushing, aren’t I? I don’t care, I am in love with the book. It’s okay now that the fifth movie was the way it was. I have the seventh book to keep me happy. It’s like, it didn’t even matter that Sirius Black and Albus Dumbledore didn’t come back to life, like I had so wanted to.

All in all, favourite book of 2007: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.

But like her, I can’t believe it’s over too. :(


13 responses to “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

  1. Good spoiler.
    At least I know what happen in the end without spending money and time reading it.


  2. Tinaaaa!! I managed to get hold of Colbie’s album off BitTorrent. Lawaaaaa. Go go go download :p Hehe.

  3. LOL Nonnie, I also read on Wikipedia on the day it was released (people are fast!). Nanti ku pick up a copy. Haha. Great spoilers! :D I knew you’d post them! Haha.

  4. Must…finish…book… 6!!! Haha, yes i’m re-reading book 6, never gotten round to finish it.

    Ps. banyak jua crushes mu tinz. masak maggi eh. LOL!

  5. Nonnie, hahaha, thanks. Well, I’m always here to spoil everyone’s dream about reading the book themselves. It was only the last minute when I thought, “I should give people a spoiler warning.” Haha.

    Roxie, I literally GASPED when I read your comment!! I abandoned BitTorrent because I assumed they gave my laptop the Trojan viruses that it died from. Is there anywhere you can host the file so I can download it? Hehehe, on BOX.NET, maybe? *giggles* If not, never mind. :D

    Maurina, how’d you know?! How’d you know I’d post up spoilers? Tipu mu! Hahaha. I’d love to read them on Wikipedia, since I’ve read the book myself and all. Hm.

    Manz, I thought you haven’t read book 6! Panya re-read. I didn’t manage to re-read it, times have changed, and so have I. I’m not that great with re-reading things anymore.

    Awu, banyak orang ku suka. I hope one of them is destined to be with me! Hahahaha.

  6. umm… it’s lily evans, btw. not lily avery. ^^ avery is one of the death eaters. ^_*

  7. Ohh! Oops! My bad! Thank you! :D

  8. Tina, I somehow guessed that Snape loves Lily during the flashback in book 5. Same here, I can’t believe it’s over either. Just annoyed that the epilogue did not mention much. Like what happened to Luna, George (with the missing Fred), Charlie, and Bill?
    And also, who is Victoire that Teddy Lupin was snogging?
    James said she is his cousin, so I guess she’s a Weasley, but whose daughter? I presume she’s Bill’s though.
    I did understand where Harry wanted to invite Teddy Lupin to live with them, as Teddy is his godson.

  9. Whew I can finally read your complete post cause I only finished reading the book yesterday! And I loved it too!! But all those deaths… Sayang eh, especially Remus and Tonks leaving thier kid an orphan.. And poor Snape, I’m glad he turned out a good guy too..
    My favourite part was when they were all rallying for battle in the school, I can almost imagine the soundtrack! Swelling orchestra music and whatnot lol..
    However, I wasn’t a fan of the epilogue. I prefer Harry to be a teenager, I would’ve have been happy if Rowling had written the ending so that it was slightly open ended on what happens to everyone but then I guess a lot of people would disagree with me. But a 35 year old Harry? And married? That’s not the Harry I love!! Hehe..
    Also, just a comment on AmieHeidi’s reply, I hadn’t thought about Victoire being Bill and Fleur’s but now that she’s mentioned it, it makes sense cause Victoire’s a french name and it makes sense that she’d be Fleur’s daughter :)

    Roll on the 6th and 7th movie!!

    F xxx

  10. Amy, I only assumed that Snape had a full-fledged crush on Lily in the flashback.

    The epilogue was one of my most favourite parts. I guess I could settle with Voldemort being destroyed for good, because that would mean people would be living in peace.

    I personally think Victoire is Bill and Fleur’s daughter, as James said, “Our Victoire,” and the name sounds a bit French. Haha.

    Really happy how the book turned out.

  11. F, haha, you made a comment just after I posted mine! Oh well. :)

    Anyway, I’m really glad Snape isn’t what he was in Harry’s mind in the first six books, and I’m glad Snape was a spy for the Order instead of the other way around, which means he didn’t really kill Dumbledore. I was sad because of that, like, how could Dumbledore be wrong in trusting someone? But Dumbledore wasn’t! Hehe.

    Oh, the battle in school! J.K. Rowling named the chapter Battle of Hogwarts, too! Ngam berabis. Hehe.

    Like I said to Amy, I looooved the epilogue. :)

    Yeay! I wasn’t wrong in thinking that Victoire being a French name. Hehe.

    Hopefully the movies won’t be as bad as they made the 5th one!

  12. heh.. good spoiler.. although i’m not satisfied with the ending pulang.. i wanted to know what Harry ended up as.. what does he do? is he an auror? a minister? seeker? what? banci jua ku tu.. and his son, Albus doesnt seem to know his dad is even famous.. and aku mental Fred Weasley died.. and what was Ted Lupin doing at the station? he’s 19 jua.. he should’ve graduated from Hogswart by that age.. behapa ya sana? just for the sake of snogging? hahah overthinking much.. but yeah.. =p

  13. Muaz, there are questions that J.K. Rowling has answered after the release of her last book. She explained what Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione became as they grew up. Ada tu somewhere, I will post it up, if I remember which website I visited. Hehe.

    And you got me thinking about Ted Lupin. Hmm.

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