It’s what you do to me

I feel drained. I haven’t been doing much, yet I strangely feel so.

Went to the movies with more than a dozen people today, and it was so much fun. We booked the tickets on Friday, and this afternoon, we went for our movie outing. Some of us have watched the movie more than once, and only a few have never watched it. I don’t really think I need to mention the name of the movie, I might make people sick of the thought itself. Haha.

I just can’t believe that I’m exhausted now. After reading the tahlil for my dad after I’ve done my Maghrib prayer, I dozed off on the living room floor, right on my praying mat. Funny thing was, I kept my head on the place where I sujud so that it wouldn’t seem so stupid of me to put my feet on the spot. It’s something that comes naturally to me. Where your head goes, isn’t supposed to be where your feet go. And vice versa.

I sidetrack all the time, don’t worry.

Anyway. I finished reading Cecelia Ahern’s P.S., I Love You. It really wasn’t my cup of tea. I had finished reading this two weeks after I had started. I love chick-lit, but I don’t know, I don’t think any other author could beat Sophie Kinsella’s books when it comes to this genre. Or maybe I’m more into the lighthearted content.

I could relate so much with Holly Kennedy, the book’s main character, but it shows just how much Islam is such a beautiful religion. As Pablo once mention in his post, the tahlil and the recitations of the surah Yassin is so good for the soul. I believe that Allah has helped me so much through this, by the people He has surrounded me with and the new ones He introduced me to. They are people who believe so much in Him.

When I was reading P.S., I Love You, I was disappointed in Holly. I wished she could pick herself up halfway through the book, but then I think to myself that I can’t expect others to be as strong as I am, or for those who are stronger than I am, I can’t expect them to be more vulnerable.

If I hadn’t gone through the death of my beloved dad, maybe I would have loved this book. Maybe my heart would go out for this character. Because I know not how it feels to go through such thing. But now, especially when she said that her late husband, Gerry, was too young to die, I just couldn’t accept that. Your time is up, when your time is up, you may be 5, or 50, it does not matter.

But that’s what I’m talking about. Islam is a beautiful thing. It teaches us how to move on, how to accept that we will all return to Him one day.

Ness once posted about — and it goes something like this, because I remembered it like so — that if Allah decides you are strong enough to go through a situation, thus He gives you that situation, because he knows you can get through it. I’ve come to terms with that now. And I wish Holly Kennedy was a real person so I would stop thinking too much about this. Haha. :P

Anyway! I had spotted Ahern’s other book, If You Could See Me Now, a paperback, on Liz’s bedroom. The cover looks real pretty, and I was reading random pages on the book, and asked Liz, “Is she in love with an alien?” She said she didn’t know, then I asked, “Oh, don’t tell me, she’s in love with a ghost?” Liz said maybe.

Maybe I’m weird, yes? But I do like the cover. Makes you feel like walking barefoot in a field full of flowers. Only, the thorns of some unknown growth might poke the soles of my feet, which, in the end, might ruin the great, euphoric feeling that the picture seems to show. Pfft. Book covers. Always misleading.

I will post Colbie Caillat’s songs in the next entry. And maybe slip in a Plain White T’s song. Stay tuned. ;)


11 responses to “It’s what you do to me

  1. Ooohhh! I’m a BIG HUGE COLOSSAL fan of Cecelia Ahern! I am I am!! I got her latest book. I haven’t read it yet though..I still have several books to go before I touch her. Hehe. I wub wub wub Cecelia Ahern!!

  2. Hi, Ness! Really? What’s her latest book? Are her books all in reading order? Haha. :P

    I have yet to love Cecelia Ahern. What’s her best book you’ve read?

  3. I would have to say ‘Rosie Dunne’.But this book’s title changes a lot apparently. But i love it! It’s the first book i read from her and ever since then i got all her books.

    Her latest is ‘A Place Call Here’.. I’m saving it for a ‘rainy hot chocolate in bed’ day.Hehe.

  4. I don’t think Cecelia Ahern’s books ada reading order Tina. Hehe bukan macam Shopaholic series ni. Anyway, emosi banar ko pasal character c Holly atu but then cana jua ah mun you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one jua so membagi bepikir berabis pulang tu heh. I remember when reading the book aku pun mau shake up c Holly suruh ia sadar tah and move on haha.

    Ah yes, don’t judge a book by its cover. Tapi aku suka buku lawa hehehe. ;)

  5. siuk jua Cecelia Ahern :(

    I LOVE IF YOU COULD SEE ME NOW. :D just so you know, ia in love with a kid’s imaginary friend. :p

    and WHERE RAINBOWS END siuk! about childhood bestfriends suka each other. cuteeee.

    and A Place Called Here (her latest) is quite different cos it’s not mainly about romance and all that jazz.

  6. Ooh ooh.. Me also big fan Cecelia Ahern!! (Excited bnr tah sdh tu smpai nda lurus ckp inggeris…haha inggeris eh)

    P.S. I Love You was the first book I read from her, then I’ve been buying all her books ever since.

    Where Rainbows End (aka Rosie Dunne aka Love, Rosie) was so-so. I preferred Meg Cabot’s style of writing. You know, with all the emails, IMs and what not.

    If You Could See Me Now was funny and sad. Like Nees said, it’s a story of a girl falling in love with her nephew’s (I think) imaginary friend.

    I like A Place Called Here. It’s abt where missing people and things go. Again, funny and sad.

    Her next book is Desire Lines, coming out in November I think. But that’s the hardback version. I usually wait until they downsize (?) the book. Nda siuk kalau one book is larger than the others. I’m still waiting for the smaller version of Shopaholic & Baby :)

    And ooh ooh, P.S. I Love You the movie is gonna come out in September I think. Ooh ooh, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny Duquette) is going to be in it!!

    *phew* Mcm blogku tah plg nah hehe

  7. I love Cecilia Ahern too.. My favourite has to be Where Rainbows End, I actually like those email type stories; it’s a change from the norm hehe…

    If you like her books then you’ll prob really really likve Deborah Wright; she’s a chicklit writer too but her books always have a tinge of the supernatural in them; like.. one book is about a girl who’s not satisfied with her bf and travels through time trying to see what the supposed best lovers in the world are. Another’s about a guy who dies, ends up as a ghost and tries to win the heart of this girl that he loved when he was alive. She only has 4 books out and I’ve got them all hehe :)


  8. Wah! I didn’t know a lot of people were big fans of Cecelia Ahern! Heehee.

    Ness, hmm, I’ll think of getting it soon. As soon as I’m not broke anyway. Haha. I really want to read If You Could See Me Now, it seems like it’s a good read. Better than P.S., I Love You anyway.

    War, haha, yatah, I didn’t think so too. They’re all different stories. Awu! Emosi ku bah, jangan bah cematu ja si Holly ah, INDA KUASA! Hahaha. Anyway, I like pretty covers too! Hehe, I can’t help it.

    Nees, imaginary friend tah sudah tu! Hahaha, I thought it was a ghost. Yatah aku kan baca! Liz is still reading it, so I’m waiting for her to finish before I can start on it.

    I’m such a big fan of Sophie Kinsella, and Meg Cabot, and I think that every other chick-lit writers just can’t beat them. I didn’t like Lauren Weisberger’s Devil Wears Prada as well! I thought it wasn’t good enough. The movie was okay, though.

    And that might just be because Meryll Streep is such a great actress.

    Allydee, hahaha, ISKI! :)

    Yes, Meg Cabot is great when it comes to those e-mails and IMs kind of novel. She knows how to slip in details, and tell a story through them. I’d like to read Where Rainbows End/Rosie Dunne/Love, Rosie.

    Haha, I have books in all different shapes and sizes. I feel like I have my own world in books. We have fat ones, thin ones, hard-covered ones, paperbacks.. LOL. A WHOLE WORLD, I tell you. ;)

    I’d want to watch P.S., I Love You’s movie, though. It might be interesting. Denny Duquette! Is he playing Gerry? It might suit him since he died in Grey’s Anatomy anyway. LOL.

    F, you too?! :P

    Deborah Wright’s books seem really interesting! I’m not into things that are typical these days, because I feel that there are a lot of those going around. Tell me what her books are, and where in Brunei can I get them! Haha, the guy who died and tries to win a girl’s heart will be nice.

    Maybe I’ll Google it.

  9. Did you know IF YOU COULD SEE ME NOW is being turned into a movie musical starring Hugh Jackman? Hugh has a three-picture movie musical deal with Disney, and this was the first movie musical that was announced back in 2005. (Hugh won the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical in 2004 on Broadway for THE BOY FROM OZ). Actually, there was a casting call on the web a few months back. So in a couple of years we may see Hugh as Ivan!

  10. HF, a musical? Hugh Jackman, even? Interesting.

    I’ll have to read If You Could See Me Now now.

  11. Hi, im a big fan 2 the first book i read was Ps I love you it was amazing, and ive been hooked ever since and read them all (i even bought Mr Whippy) lol. cant wait for Desire Lines i may pre- order it soon.

    Babylamb x

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