It starts in my toes

I returned from my uncle’s 60th birthday celebration around an hour ago, and it was fun. Filled with laughter, and a few tears. It’s going to be a picture post, so I’ll let these babies do a little bit of the talking.

Me with my cousin’s son, Khairi. He’s so cute, isn’t he? :)


This is me squeezing Khairina, Khairi’s little sister.


A little pose with Liz, Qil and Siti before everything started.


The mobile drink stand. These things came up with the most refreshing iced Milos to cool us as it was quite a warm night. Nyum.


Don’t you think she looks like a DOLL? Hee! Hi, BABYDOLL!




Liz with our grandmother. <3!


My mother and I.


The birthday boy, giving a speech.


Getting all choked up. He had us in tears too!

That’s just about it, these were taken by Liz’s Sony DSC-T100, I conveniently left mine, hehe.

I have written a few posts in my mind, but I can’t seem to get them onto my blog yet. Maybe I need to sit down, take a breather (and maybe more alone time), and just let it out. Not now, though. I have a few other things to tend to.

I’m watching Transformers (again) tomorrow! Aren’t you excited?! Teehee.

Can’t help it, I love Transformers. I love getting comments too, so keep them coming! :D


7 responses to “It starts in my toes

  1. heheheh I LOVE TRANSFORMERS TOO!!! i watched it twice jua! dun u just love watching it the second time?? u notice all these details!!! to punish and to enslave! LOL!!! do u think they’ll make a sequel?

  2. Strictlybeautiful, I love watching it the first, second and third time! LOL. And it’s true, you notice the details after the first! And I always find myself focusing more on the scenes that I seemed to have missed.

    I think there is a sequel, as Starscream flew out of earth at the end of the movie, right? Or was it Megatron, because I have no clear idea who it was?


    I’d love to watch the sequel, if there is one, though. :)

  3. Buleh ku kan menangis jua meliat gambar uncle mu bawah skali atu? I’m sappy like that heh.

    Cute jua the babies!! Eeeehhh gigitan ku!

    Oh and you look a lot like your mother yeah. :)

    I want to watch Transformers again! Heh. Harry Potter lagi lum ku liat but then you said it was crappy right? I’m going to watch it anyway of course. Banyak mixed reviews bah ah.

  4. Salam Tina. How r U? I love this post! Full of life and love.. I must admit. Khairy.. so cute.
    I love the way you opened up in telling about your uncle’s birthday. So, heartwarming! Take care!

  5. War, yakan? Hehehe. If you were there, you’d cry along with us! It was embarrassing for me. I’ve never cried like that in public, with exception of my dad’s funeral. LOL.

    The babies are CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE! Khairi, especially, when I go, “High five, baby!”, and he slaps me a really high five and giggles! Adorable!

    Yes, people say I look like my mom, but when they see me and my dad (when he was alive), they say I look like him more than my mom. But in pictures, I’m more of my mom. I don’t know why. Haha.

    Liat saja Harry Potter atu, there are quite a number of reviews that say it was good, so give it a shot, maybe you’ll like it too! Hehe.

    Pablo, wa’alaikumsalam. :) I’m okay, thank you! How are you?

    Thanks for loving this post as much as I loved sharing it! :)

  6. Hi beb…nangis ku baca blog mu sal d bday boy a.k.a my daddy nangis masa his speech ahh…hehehe…btw thanx for helping out that nyte tho…*hugz*

  7. 283, *hugs* I was crying, with tears down my face! Like, literally! It was short, simple, yet it touched others to tears!

    *hugs* Thanks for the great night. :)

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