Happy 61st and 60th! :D

Is this week going to be another week that PostSecret doesn’t update? I really can’t be bothered to read Frank’s note until the end. What did he say? Is the site going to be updated this week? No?

Speaking of PostSecret..

Taken from the site.

There is one pretty and smart girl in Transformers! The analyst! “Have you run the diagnostics?” didn’t sound right coming from her. Hehe. Not that I’m saying she doesn’t look smart. LOL. And Mikaela (Megan Fox) knew how to handle cars! Talk about being pretty and be able to let guys stick on to you!


Just a thought or two.

It’s His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam’s 61st birthday anniversary today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Best wishes from MY7THLIFE.NET! :)

My uncle’s celebrating his 60th birthday today as well, happy birthday to you!~ I’m going to busy from now until nighttime! Interestingly, I’ll be back by Monday. Think early Monday.


5 responses to “Happy 61st and 60th! :D

  1. thank you for introducing me to colbie’s bubbly lastnight. :p i was doing my homework and was tuning in to pilihan. i hope that was you on air. haha :D

    + my blog is listed as my mail here. :p

  2. Hi, Nees! Yes, it was me who was on air on Saturday night, I was on with another colleague! Hee. I found Colbie Cailatt’s songs from one of According To Size’s posts. Lawa, right? I’m going to post up a few of her songs as well, so keep your eyes peeled for them, yea?

    Ooh! Finally, a blog where you officially post. :P

  3. Bill & I listened in on Saturday night Tina! Hehe, it was so weird listening to Colbie on the radio.

  4. Ooh hun I was just wondering what times you’re on radio, I don’t listen to it much but I’d tune in just for you! ;o)

    F xxxx

  5. Roxie, haha, thanks for listening in! It does sound weird to listen to her on the radio because her kind of music is not usually the genre that people play these days. There are people who play, just not all the time.

    F, I always have some weird shifts, but my usual one is on Saturday night, after 9PM news. And thanks! :D

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