The movie buff that I am now..

I really want to watch these movies:

Vacancy Hostel Part II Saw 4

I never knew I was into thrillers (or really just gory movies) until recently. I think I found this out when I have always had this rush when I want to watch a horror movie, but they leave me with sleepless nights, so I moved on to thrillers, since they don’t affect me at all. I had told a colleague this on air before: I just love the adrenaline rush, the feeling that that someone is after you.

Doesn’t happen in real life, does it? (Well, at least not in Brunei.)

So when Aaron told me that Hostel was way horrible than the Saw trilogy (minus Saw 4, because that’s going to come out Halloween 2007), I had since wanted to watch it. They say it’s really gory. I really want to see it for myself. I might pay a visit to Joey Joe’s and see if they have any in stock. Last time I talked to the owner of the shop, they haven’t got it because it’s sort of banned here? So they needed to know who wants the DVD and they can grant a few requests.

Joey Joe’s DVDs are of great quality, and thrillers suck when you can’t see or hear nothing. Anyway.

With Vacancy, and Saw 4, I want to catch these in the cinema. Vacancy is out already, but the show times this week are ridiculous! There’s one at 10.50AM, and the next one will be at midnight. Thanks, Harry Potter. Thanks to you, I can’t watch Vacancy without waking up at a ridiculous hour or getting an earful from my mom for going out at midnight.

Oh, I’ve watched Transformers twice. And I’m going to watch it again this Monday. With the extended family! I am going to have so much fun.


16 responses to “The movie buff that I am now..

  1. sorry.. just passing by. hope u don’t mind. i suggest you ceta ” May “. An old movie , not exactly thriller but it’s mind-disturbing at some points. That is if you havent watched it yet =)

  2. Urgh! Thrillers give me goosebumps! And I’m never going to watch them in cinema..

    Don’t wanna walk out with everyone staring at me because I shouted too much justnow.


  3. Siuknya. Liat movies saja! Hehe. I think I prefer horror movies than thrillers. Early on in Saw 3 I thought it was intolerable. Ngilu ku! Hehe.

    Btw, Joey & Joe is the best! ;D

  4. Don’t watch these movies. Trust me, they are crap. In fact, you can see an expose of Eli Roth on my website.

    If you want to watch a good horror/thriller, check out The Descent. It came out last year and was one of the best.

  5. I agree with Movie Guy- once they start adding numbers at the end they are bad movies.

    I did watch The Ring and Grudge and turned around and watch the original Japanese versions. I then searched for other Japanese horror and have found I like that style horror film..
    when it comes from Japan not the US re-makes.

  6. aku suka aku suka!!! *waves and jumps around ecstatically* aku sukaaaa!!! semuanya lah yang membarijap and membari tekajut (walaupun kdg2 they’re corny like corn apakan). lakastah liat sebuting kalau ada yang awal sikit nanti! siuk siuk!

  7. Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. WTF is up with the showtimes.

    Bah, tunggu tah. After I see Harry Potter (tomorrow, hopefully), I’ll ask them to tukar Harry Potter’s time slots with Vacancy. Muahahaha.

    Saw is great. I haven’t see Hostel though.

  8. I’ve seen Hostel, and your friend’s right, its worse than the Saw franchise in terms of gore…I remember catching it when it first came out, naively thinking that because I sat through Saw without flinching that I’d be the same with Hostel. Was I ever wrong, I sat through mose of that film with my face buried in my boyfriend’s chest, and letting out intermittent screams :P I was very tempted to leave the film, but then didn’t want to lose face to the boyfriend also since it was me who insisted on watching it lol.. But if thats your kinda thing then I’d definitely give it a try :)

    F xxxx

  9. Lovestoned, of course I don’t mind! :) Thanks for making the effort! I’ll try to watch “May”, but it’s mind-disturbing like the Hannibal franchise, I don’t know if I can handle it properly. Haha.

    Nonnie, I LOVE THRILLERS! And I get embarrassed sometimes when people find out the girl who shrieks at the scary bits. Haha.

    War, awu! Iski ku kan Transformers ni. I don’t watch horror, too close to home, in my opinion. Haha. I liked the Saw trilogy! Think the plot was kind of clever. Hehe.

    MovieGuy#1, I appreciate your thoughts on the movies, but I’m going to watch them anyway. I will also catch The Descent if I find the DVD in shops! :)

    Finaltaxi, The Ring and Grudge, even though remakes, are horror movies. Not a big fan, trust me. Hehe. I like thrillers.

    Maurina, aku pun!! Eh, you wanna watch at 10.50AM atu kan? It’s a bit too early, but if they decide to change the show times nanti, I’ll drop an e-mail or text, and we’ll catch it together! Eek! Suka ku. Hehe.

    Affy, I KNOW. Ergh. I can’t believe they even bother to play Vacancy at those hours.

    I like Saw too, I thought the first one was confusing, but then again, in Saw 3, everything was explained, so it fell together nicely.

    F, haha, you sat through Saw without flinching? Wow. It must be THAT bad! I now think I REALLY have to watch it then. Hahaha.

  10. dont watch vacancy! i was looking forward for it too, and cudnt wait till i got the dvd, and the movie’s so so so super crap.

  11. barijap kamu ani eh <:/

  12. L, really? Aww, I was so looking forward to watching it.

    Faz, hehe, awu, tapinya.. mau ikut? Hehe.

  13. inda eh. agatah tinz. :P

  14. Hahaha. Siuk jua tu, cuba bah. ;)

  15. Lol maybe I exaggerated a bit when I saw *no* flinching at all.. ada jua lah sikit2 lol but not as much as I did with Hostel.. Hehe definitely worth a watch tht one :)

    Btw, any chance I could get the password fr ur protected post?


    F xxxx

  16. F, so that means I should get my butt off my chair and find the DVD to Hostel? Teehee. Nanti lah I go out and search for it.

    I’ll e-mail you the password soonish. :)

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