Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix

So here’s my “review” on Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix.

If you’re not watching it any time soon, you won’t be missing anything. The only fun I had was the characters and the events coming to life in the big screen. Sure, they left out details, and made Luna Lovegood seem so cute instead of weird and annoying. One of the sad moments in the book didn’t come to life, it wasn’t effective. (If I’m using the word correctly.)

I don’t know. I didn’t really enjoy it. I’ll give it 2 stars out of 5.

I want to watch Transformers again.

(Added: Oh, and did anyone realize that Ron Weasley was less funny in this Harry Potter installment?)


7 responses to “Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix

  1. Hey, u said last nite 3 out of 5.. napa taya kurang atu??hehe but, yes, harry potter movie is loosing it..

    looking at yr personality.info –>
    u introverted kan tina??

  2. Tinz, I agree. I was hoping for that mirror cos that was when I cried the worst when I read the book yonks ago. I did shed a tear or two during the movie but movie wasn’t as good as the book. After all, how can any movies top Transformers for movie of the year. Effects pun much, much better. Hehe. I wanna watch it again!

  3. Sel, on my way back home, I had thought of more things that I didn’t like. They didn’t explain what the Weasley twins were doing. They were apparating! Hahaha, okay, minor detail, but still. I don’t know, I feel like giving it a one now. Haha.

    Awu, Sel, introverted ku. Apparently. But I sometimes am, I just didn’t know I was that much.

    Manz, I know, right?! I had cried a lot when I read the book ages ago as well, but I didn’t even feel sad when it happened in the movie. I was nonchalant about it. It’s like the producers and the director made the movie for people who have read the book before watching the movie. I am waiting for people who haven’t read the book to tell me any verdicts, like my cousins, and how much they understood. My little sister couldn’t tell one thing from another! LOL.

  4. i havnt read the book, but i do feel after watching the movie that there are huge parts which are missing. I feel, at some points that i was lost, i totally didnt get it.

    Honestly, the movie is dull. Probably the worst harry potter movie ever. I liked the previous ones waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy better.

    Too bad they butchered the ‘essence’ of the book.

  5. Lela, I couldn’t imagine how bad it would be for people who haven’t read the book. It was bad enough for me.

    And I couldn’t say it any better, they did butcher the essence of the book. It was supposed to be darker. If they say the Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix movie was dark, then they should read the book. It’s miles darker than the movie, and Harry should be feeling quite angry with everything, but he seemed like he was okay. I don’t know if it was bad acting on Daniel Radcliffe’s part, but who knows, really.

  6. Its okay for those who didn’t read the book. Well I did, and I spent the 2 hours ++ in the tehater looking out for left out details :(

  7. Yes, I read your post, and I realize you must’ve spent long hours looking out for them. Details are important in Harry Potter’s world, I think. I wouldn’t mind if other adaptations miss out on details, like A Walk To Remember (which was way off from the book), and Tuesdays With Morrie.

    See? There’s no reason why Harry Potter movies should suck. LOL.

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