Feel For You by Joe

I can’t seem to find any place to share the audio, but on YouTube. So bear with Joe’s album cover for now. LOL.

This is my favourite part. :)

Now I’ve seen this on TV
Twice in the movies.
Never thought that
It could happen to you homie.
Now I’m a believer
In all the things to do with you ’cause
I’ve never felt that
Our love could be perfect
And that’s what I feel for you
And don’t you forget that
That you’re more than worth it
And that’s what I feel for you.
I feel like Ali
When he shook up the world,
And like Prince felt when he wrote
“The Most Beautiful Girl.”
Your love is like a song I love to sing
And that’s what I feel for you.


4 responses to “Feel For You by Joe

  1. I bought Joe’s CD last two months. I didn’t realize this song was really beautiful until I read the lyrics above while listening to the song. Especially about the Ali, Prince and Most Beautiful Girl part. Mikin tah ku suka the song now. Thanx. :D

  2. Lawa, right? The boyfriend told me about it months ago, and he told me not to share with anyone, but yea. Hopefully he doesn’t read my blog, hehehe. ;)

    No problem, by the way! :)

  3. Tina, I shall read your previous post after I watch the movie :P

  4. Sha, there’s no spoilers in there, really. But I’m thinking that if you’re highly influenced by a review, albeit a small one, then I suggest you read it after you watch it.

    But there’s nothing there, really. Hehe. :P

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