Should I keep on blogging?

I was just doing some random local blog-hopping just now, and reading up on a few married people’s lives. I know a few bloggers who have husband/wife and kids, so this never came to me, but as I was reading this one blog, I will keep it unnamed, a thought crept slowly into my brain, “Won’t they be busy with their wife and kids?” Or, husband and kids.

Didn’t know why I was thinking that since I’ve never really bothered with thinking about other people’s lives.

But then it brought me to mine. I have been blogging for, I don’t know, seven years, give or take? What’s going to happen when I get married? Because in my head, I have this visual that I’m always going to cater to my own husband and kids, and I won’t have time to tend to my blog. Catering to my husband, is of course, voluntary. Should the husband be the man I’m dating right now, I mean. :P

I’m really thinking about this, you know? Imagine waking up, preparing breakfast for your family. Then off to work, until late in the afternoon, the latest. Go back home, ask your husband and kids how their day went, feed them, then help your kids with their homework, or maybe just help them grow with the love that was missing while dear mummy was working, then cater to your husband’s needs — which is wajib (or mandatory) for a wife, really, so it’s a no-brainer.

In my head right now is that I probably won’t have time for a blog if I decide to have the family I plan to have. Can I fit blogging into my life then?

I don’t know. Bloggers who have families, enlighten me.


12 responses to “Should I keep on blogging?

  1. halo i’m not married, obviously though i imagine some people would argue that point ahem. :P but i am in a long term relationship hehe.

    hmm, i understand where you’re coming from. where do you get time. but the thing is, not every moment is spent together. sometimes you need to give people moments of privacy, and you also need to give yourself that.

    a marriage is a partnership, where you recognise that both of you are different but you need to look past those differences and try to live together. you become a unit with two heads, not one. so naturally, sometimes you don’t do stuff together.

    that’s why after kawin, the husband, will still play their golf/any form of sport/whatever and the wife will still love their afternoon runs/aerobics/blogging/reading/whatever. you can’t change who you are overnight after all. kids also want time on their own to play and discover new things, watch their favorite tv programmes, go online.

    for example, you don’t neccesarilly sleep at the smae time every night. my mum sleeps a few hours later than my dad to play chocolatier (:D) and indulge in all her other computer games. or some husbands go in the late afternoon after work to play football with the boys.

    basically, a couple consists of two heads. just bound together by love. :)

  2. first i cant understand y u r confusing married life with bloggging

  3. hey of course i remember you and I do visit ur blog from time and time but just didn’t really left any comments. I was shocked when ur dad passed away and then a week after that my father joined. I guess when I think about it… we are experiencing the same situation. I’ve never experience such loss before especially my own family members even more it’s my dad whom I spend most of days with. Oh well… as you said… I just have to get use to the fact he’s not around anymore and let the memories linger.


  4. I don’t know for you, but I got a feeling that my blog title will the “Life of Mrs ____” or “Life of ____ Mummy” after I become a wife or mother.

    Blogging is such a good way to keep track of my life. And also… a very interesting way.

  5. Maurina, hahaha, awu ah. You’re the only blogger friend I have. :P :P :P

    It’s true that not every moment is spent together, but you know how it is. Don’t tell me you don’t. :P But I see it now. I might be able to continue blogging after all! (We shall see. ;))

    Vijay5050, I’m sorry, and I don’t mean to sound rude, but maybe you are right. You don’t understand. Because I’m not confused between married life and blogging. I am simply thinking of what will happen in the future when I’ll get married, and whether or not I’ll blog when I do.

    Alyaa, when you get to thinking of the memories, rather than he is not there, it is when you will feel good about your life again. I feel like I’m good now. I look at pictures and I don’t cry anymore, I just feel that longing sometimes. But they say it’s normal. :)

    Nonnie, I think mine will be “My MARRIED Life” instead of SEVENTH. Hahahaha. :)

  6. Hi Tina.. I’m married with kids and I just started blogging some 10 months ago…
    I dont think u shod stop blogging because u r married. I agree about ur wife duties but I do believe everyone has to have their own space.
    I blog about Bunny n daboys as u can see. U can blog about ur new life/relationship n kids in the future.. so no worries. keep blogging. U r entitled to ur personal space..heheee.. take care

  7. Hey, Pablo, how are you doing? Fine, I hope. :)

    Anyway, I’m thinking that I won’t stop blogging, but we’ll see kan? Sometimes priorities change when things happen. Before my dad passed, I wanted to study and get a degree before I work. Now that he’s gone, I’m reconsidering a job interview that I was called for.

    So, yea. But I don’t think I’ll stop. I’m a woman. I can juggle a lot of things at the same time, right? ;)


  8. i think it’s hard to give up blogging once you get used to it. macam aku bah. its been.. 4 years now since i started blogging dulu dulu atu. i tried to give it up more than once sudah.. but masih jua ber private blogs and multiply blogs. hahah :p bad habits are really hard to break?

  9. You’re right, and I completely agree with you. I have been blogging for so long, I actually stopped trying to stop! Haha.

    Blogging comes handy when exams are the on the next day, and it counts as procrastinating, thus blogging is a bad habit! Teehee.

  10. hahahahahah tinz, kau tau, aku start blogging masa si wardah turned 18, I suppose kalau ia kawin aku stop lah. HAHHAHAHHA nadawah. xoxo tinz.

  11. Yakan? Hahaha, that’ll be funny. Kalau ada si War post pasal preparationsnya kan kawin, you’ll say in your blog, “I feel that the end is near.” Hehehe.

  12. HAHAHA. I think you have more blogging years to come Faz, don’t worry I’m not getting married soon. :P

    Tina, lol. :P

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