Squinted and wondered

This is seriously fresh story. And I say, better me than her posting it up first, really. It is less embarrassing that way. LOL.

What with my late previous post (I just realized there is no time posted. It was past 2AM), I slept in for a bit. It’s now just a little after 11. Well, usually, I’d be awake by 10-ish anyway, so there’s not much difference.


I was sleeping like a baby when someone knocked on my door. I had thought it was my mom, leaving for the house early in the morning and get my pay vouchers from me so I can claim my salary for July. Then I realized it must already be late, so my bets were on my maid, telling me someone was on the phone. I didn’t have my glasses on, I surely don’t sleep with my contacts in my eyes, and I just woke up from deep sleep, I seriously had blurry vision, bordering blind. Then I saw someone standing there, and I squinted my eyes and wondered, “What is different with my maid today? Why is she holding this box? Did someone come with a package?”

Then, I squinted harder. It wasn’t my maid, IT WAS TIQ!! WITH A BOX OF KRISPY KREMES!!

Taken by me, with simple editing. I think I do okay.

I was in shock for a few moments. Then, I went to pleasant surprise mode. I practically squealed and I don’t remember what happened next. I think we hugged. LOL. Then, she was laughing at me. So embarrassing, I bet I looked a state, and morning breath! OMG!

Seriously. Thank GOD I don’t sleep in the nude, Tiq. HOW DO YOU THINK IT WOULD BE LIKE? Haha. I really don’t like to think about that now. Eek.

Anyway, thanks, Tiq! You gave me a real pleasant surprise! :)

I have a feeling today’s going to be a good day. :D


8 responses to “Squinted and wondered

  1. Sweet jua c Tiq hehe. Anyway, what time did you sleep kan?

  2. Awu! Sweet ah?~ Hehe. I slept around four, trying to finish P.S.: I Love You by Cecelia Ahern, but ended up sleeping at around, yea, four. Hee.

  3. That was so sweet of her. Although I’d love someone to do the same thing for me, I’d rather be presentable in the morning. So, if anyone has the slightest idea of doing anything like this, please give me a warning. So, I can at least wake up a wee bit earlier.

    :lol: Spoil tia aku ah. Hahaha.

  4. Hahaha, don’t we all wish to be presentable in the mornings? Adakah kan bagi surprise pun dibagitau. Ilang tia the element of surprise! LOL. :P

  5. Iatahbah Tina macam inda paham jua tu c Atul atu. Haha main2 wah Tul. :P

    Iakah 4am kah banar? Or patang kah? Gila tu eh kalau subuh2 surprise kan nya ko hahaha.

  6. War, I slept at 4AM, ia surprisekan aku pukul 11AM. Hahaha. :P

    Ketawa ko Tiq ah, nanti ko. Oh! Thanks for the doughnuts~ I fell in love with them! Especially after they met the microwave for a few seconds! Love at first sight, those two!

    When I bite into them, it feels like I bit into a cloud. So fluffy! LOL.

  7. hahaha told ya KK doughnuts are the best!

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