Obligatory Transformers post

poster.jpgI knew it. I knew it was going to be a good day.

I promised the girls that I’d watch Transformers with them today, and so, after a very rave review from Aaron, and a whole lot of blogs I have read, I was a bit wary. I’m always the kind that gets bored with movies when told it’s amazing, or anything of the sort.

So I sat down, preparing myself to be bored. Then the action came barely 15 minutes into the movie (or later, as I may have lost track of time.) I was in awe of the first Decepticon, Starscream Blackout, was its name, if I’m not mistaken. Not much into the villains, but I thought they were pretty cool. The Autobots? They were just pretty. And nice.

I used to watch the Transformers cartoon series, but I had forgotten how they were like. I only remembered how Optimus Prime looked like — when he was both a truck and a robot — and the sounds they make when transforming. Even before the movie came out, I didn’t remember its name! Optimus Prime’s, that is.

I might be jumping on the bandwagon, but I LOVED IT. After the movie ended, I was gushing on how cool the movie was. I had loved how the vehicles transformed, I had loved the Chevrolet Camaro! (Which, if I’m not mistaken is out in 2008/9.) Hence, I thought Bumblebee was cute.

Never have I found racing stripes on a yellow car so sexy in my life.

It. Was. Freaking. Cool.

I’m going to watch it again, this time with my mom and sister, tomorrow afternoon. I wish my dad was still alive, he would love the opportunity to watch a movie with us, especially Transformers. Sigh.

When they said Transformers was the movie of the year, they weren’t kidding!

Anyway. All in all, it was a good day. Had Capers for dinner, too, so I don’t know if that doesn’t add up to a good one. :)


5 responses to “Obligatory Transformers post

  1. Megan Fox. Yum. Great movie. :D Megan Fox.

  2. LOL, I’ve never known anything abt Transformers..

  3. Affy, no, no, no. Josh Duhamel. Yummy. DAMN YOU, FERGIE! He is hot. And I still think Bumblebee is the utmost cutest robot. LOL.

    Sha, you don’t have to know anything about Transformers to watch the movie. You’ll still enjoy it. Seriously. ;)

  4. It’s a great movie! Probably it even pawned Harry Potter… :P

  5. It might! But we shall see.

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