I was reading Rosie’s post, got led to Nizam’s post, and got to the post that had pissed the heck out of me.

This boy posts on a Friendster blog, so I could check out his profile, and, apparently, he is in Australia. Ahuh. Okay. I’m just going to do what Nizam did and put up what the boy said.



I normally dont care about the column HAVE UR SAY in Brudirect but i was kind of free and look into some of the articles/posts there and i come across this post:


Tahniah dan syabas kepada pihak ITB kerana memelih penuntut-penuntut baru yang berkelayakkan masuk pada bulan Julai ani.

Begitu jua kepada pihak MOE yang memberi kebenaran kepada penuntut-penuntut baru ITB untuk mengikuti kursus-kursus yang telah ditawaran.

ITB adalah institut Negara Brunei Darussalam yang mengeluarkan penuntut-penuntut yang berpendidikan tinggi dan berkualiti. BETTER THAN UK or AUSTRALIA.

Syabas ITB..!

Grateful Parents

You all knw… i was like? hmm ITB? i mean i knw its good but like better than UK or Australia? hmmm… so so so… i dont knw wat to say!! i mean are those parents like stupids? i mean if their kids have the opportunity to go abroad obviously they would swallow their words… for me, it came from parents that are bitter cuz their kids didnt get to go UK…

i mean for me, whereever u study is okay but this “grateful parents” just so overrated man!! feel like “slapping” them!!

That is so stupid of them to say that on that column!! Anyway, thats about it… i mean i just wanna share this with you all out there!!!

Thanks… Good day ppl!!

June 24, 2007

This really makes my blood boil. Sure, Grateful Parents might have exaggerated a bit to say that ITB is better than institutions in UK or Australia, but there is no need for this boy to “feel like slapping them”, or say they’re stupid.

Personal note to the boy who posted this up: we don’t want you to share with us such opinions like these, thanks. We’re better off without it. Apakan? Kana reject oleh ITB kah? Now that you’re studying in Australia, and previously UK, you are bitter about it? (Post here tells it all, really.)

Oops. Sorry, I went overboard there. Not going out to everyone who’s studying anywhere, I’m just really angry. This is what Aaron and I were talking about earlier on when we were on duty for The Lounge: in Brunei, locals rarely support locals, unless they’re closely related to you.

What  is wrong for supporting ITB, or UBD, or the new university, Universiti Sultan Sharif Ali? Like I said, Grateful Parents did a little exaggeration, but was your reaction really necessary? And this is coming from a student who is studying in Aussie? Are you kidding me?

Sorry, readers, for my outburst. It’s been awhile since I’ve vented out in my blog anyway.


9 responses to “EXCUSE ME?

  1. Yusry… Adelaide…psychology…… Im starting to have this nagging feeling that i know this person……..if he is the one…then he might be doing this for his ‘research’.. Cos he is a psychologist in RIPAS…taking his master at adelaide..ill ask geck ltr :/

    n i agreee with everything u said babe…. A friend of mine went to ITB to do engineering course dulu.. Then kana offer to do degree overseas… Then jadi tutor di ITB… Its a stepping stone for her! N thats why i posted that link in my blog.. I had loads of friends who r teaching in itb hehe…

  2. I’ve met the guy before. He’s a psychologist at Ripas banar. Don’t ask me how I know that. Lol.

  3. Egh. Kalau boleh tah ada kawannya, kan ku bagitau that his mindset atu patut ditukar for a bloody psychologist. Bari malu orang Brunei saja. Sekiranya tah ia kana bagi scholarship kan ke Australia, cematu tah tu usul orang kana bagi scholarship? Basar banar jua ia kan menampar.

    English inda betantu. HMPH.

    Nah, sampai unnecessary things pun I touch. Awu, marah ku masih. :P


  4. It’s eerie that a Brunei psychologist has this type of mindset. How the hell does he give advice to others? Annoying lagi english nya… ya kali “stupids”. Hehe marah aku ah.

  5. I know, right? It’s hard to swallow that he works as a psychologist! Hopefully I won’t need one, ever. LOL.

    Attitude cematu, with posts that contain hate and everything. Pssh. How’s he going to be good to the government?

  6. Hmm… I can understand someone having their own opinion on things but at the same time , he’s chosen to express it in quite a bad way. I would’ve hoped someone who’s done a stint or two overseas would learn to be a bit more diplomatic,especially in his line of work….

    And to think he aked me out once!! Lol..

    Ps: Decided to go anon cause I shy :)

  7. Anon, haha, it’s okay. You can stay anonymous as long as you don’t attack me with personal hate comments. ;)

    Anyway, I understand that he has that opinion, but if he were to voice it in a positive (read: nice) way, I would have laughed along with him a bit, and counter his points in a nicer way too.

    I have expressed negative views before, especially on the MRS event my former school had held, and I had posted in a “non-attacking” way, and my juniors had read it and they responded in a positive way too.

    I don’t know what his problem is, but considering that he is a psychologist — at RIPAS hospital, nonetheless — he should change his line of work. Something that doesn’t have anything to do with people. Haha.

    And he should know that he just proved to us, with his attitude and mindset, that ITB students may have better qualities than he does, who apparently went to UK and Australia for his studies.

    No offense to those who knows this guy, but I really am disappointed in Bruneians who think like him.

  8. okay i just read that, and it pissed me off too.. what the heck? true the parents are exaggerating, but hey look at it this way.. compare the way YOU, an ITB graduate, and HE, a student in OZ (taking psychology at that), write.

    nyahahaha… funny, it’s “stupids”, isn’t it?

  9. I haven’t met people who haven’t been ticked off by his comments. It was plain rude, and I was so angry, I called refer to him as a boy when I know he’s all grown up, taking his masters and all. Pfft.

    Exactly, right? When he said, “It’s stupids”, it really was “stupids.”


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