This post is for Atul.

Oh, yea. If you can only see this big grin on my face. I’m so scared, however, that I’ll lose these. Hopefully not. (MUDAHAN JUA REZEKI KU, AMIN!)

I don’t know why I’m not in bed yet.

Oh. I changed the layout too. Not the header image, because the previous layout was a bit messed up, and I didn’t even do anything to it. And anyone who’s observant enough to speculate everything on my blog for the past seven years or so, knows how I’m such a perfectionist on these things.

P.S.: Thanks for those who came for the tahlil. (That includes you, Tul. :))


12 responses to “YEAY.

  1. hai dang, sorry eh inda ku datang, lambat lagi memeses tu. aher ku merechas. befunction kami jua di rumah uwa ku. i’ll come the next one okeh. :D



  3. wahaha, sweet torture.

  4. I can’t wait to watch that movie. LOL. :P

  5. aii aii.. aku alom ada tickets :(

  6. Maurina, it’s okay, dearie. :) Next time will 100 hari, so it’ll be in a few months or so. ;)

    Tul, that’s the point of the post! Hahaha. *hugs*

    Sha, me too! Eek! :D

    Rosie, aku adaaa~

  7. I should really book mine now, I guess.

    I’ll be waiting at the Empire Cinema holding a huge ‘Tina’ signboard, if I don’t get any. Since, you have an extra ticket. Haha.

    Paham, paham lah. :D

  8. I hate you!
    I hate you!
    I hate you!

  9. Affy, book? There is no “booking” when it comes to Harry Potter. Hahaha. And I don’t have an extra ticket, it’s my sister’s. ;)

    Say hi, if you see me. Or just smile. Hehe.

    Nonnie, but I love you~ So how? Teehee.

  10. Haha afffy… If anyone is using d ‘tina’ signboard… Shud be us haha n gerenti she will favor girlytimee bloggers more :p

    poor affy hee

  11. aduh. your sister can stay at home.

  12. Rosie, I’m not favoring anyone, period. Haha. Nadawah. Nada ku ada extra ticket! Cali saja karang usul sorang2 memigang “Tina” signboard. :P

    Affy, my sister demands that she watches it with me. I’d really hate to see her sad. Haha.

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