Still got the sniffles

Highlights of my days to come:

  • Visit to bapa’s resting place on Friday morning!
  • British India right after!
  • Possibility of meeting up with a few blogger friends, also on Friday!
  • Bowling with GBs on Sunday!
  • Transformers on Monday with Izzah, Zawanah, Mizah, and possibly, my sister!

And finally..

  • Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix next Wednesday! With Sel, Fendi, and my sister!

*does really stupid dance*

Heck, I can’t even dance! But, I really can’t wait for Harry Potter. Tickets have been bought and everything. Oooooh!!

I’m still sick, I think I’m getting worse, but we have tahlil tonight, so I have to put on a brave face, instead of the pale and ashen one I have. LOL.  It’s an ugly sight.


6 responses to “Still got the sniffles

  1. Luruskah apa yang ku baca atu??

    Tickets?? For Harry Potter? ADA UDAH??? I HAVE TO GET SOME!

    *rushes to cineplex*

    Hehehe.. macam apa usulnya aku ah.. but yeah!

  2. musim urg sakit kah ni? get well soon! and awu, girlier sudah ku, maklum lah, kan 21 sudah *hint hint* basar sudah, iatah misti belawa2 :D

  3. Tul, LURUS! Haha. I updated just for you!~ And I heard The Mall Cineplex starts on the 12th. I don’t know about Seri Qlap, though.

    Tiq, I personally think it’s the heat. It is seriously scorching hot these days, it’s not even funny. Maybe I can try an experiment which I’ve always wanted to since I was a kid: goreng talur on the pavement. Masak kali ah? Haha.

  4. aii aku balik soon ni, panas berabis bunyinya di sana. sini 15 degrees sudah ku kepanasan esehhhh lupa daratan aku ah lol. bah tani cuba masak talur sama2 luar rumah mu sambil makan donut hahaha

  5. Baik ada tickets Harry Potter sudah. AKU MAU LIAT JUA EH! Hehe.

  6. Tiq, eseh, hahaha. Jaga ko kalau ko balik, inda ku buka air-con semua di sini. Di rumah nada, di keretaku pun nada. Haha. :P

    War, awuuu. Iski ku! CANNOT WAIT.

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