I was itching to write, I have no idea why. Maybe because I forgot to mention that I had to replace my old modem with a new one for B$100, because it was two months past its warranty period. Pfft. Annoying. I asked the boys who came over to fix the Internet problem if they could get rid of it for me. They told me that I could keep it. For memory’s sake. Riiight.

Anyway! I was out shopping at YMRM tonight with my aunties because the supposed crazy sale they had started from 6 to 9PM. Wasn’t so crazy, but managed to buy a few materials for new baju kurongs for my cousin’s wedding in August. Miss Izzah called in the midst of the me taking five. She’s back home, and it was sooooo good to hear from her without the line being cut off. She sounded so tired — jetlagged, she said. Poor girl. Have enough rest so we can catch that movie on Monday with Wanah and Mizah, okay? Can’t wait to see you! MWAH.

Listening to the radio at the moment, and is that Bahrain on the air? Haha. Been a while.

So I was exchanging information with my mom earlier today. Interesting, is all I can say.

P.S.: I like Mandy Moore’s Extraordinary, and Timbaland’s The Way I Are.



2 responses to “Whee!

  1. Lawa tia suara Mandy Moore ah hehe.

    Can’t wait for bowling! :D

  2. Haha, I’ve always thought she was okay, but Extraordinary was.. well, I think her best song so far, after Only Hope.

    See you at bowling! (InshaAllah.)

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