Well, hello. Hello, Internet. Hello, blog. Hello GMail inbox. Hello!

I may not have been gone long, but my modem couldn’t properly connect me to the Internet for the past few days. It’s been going on, but I thought it was just the server acting up, and I waited for it to go away. Never did.

Thanks to Ka Zian who had texted and asked me if I was going to Pablo’s. I was all, “Eh?” Thank God for mobile Internet, or whatever it is they call it these days. So I went, and had loads of fun.

To tell you the truth, I was scared out of my wits. I’m always like that when I meet new people. I close up a bit, too. But thankfully, I knew nearly half of the people there, and Pablo welcomed me to his home with open arms, and Bunny was really nice, and his sons were adorable! (I really wish I looked like Rihanna, haha. ;))

I didn’t take pictures, I had thought I left my digital camera at home, but it was in my handbag all along. Pfft. But I’ve got pictures anyway! If you’ve seen them somewhere before, they were taken (and poorly edited by me) from here and here. Hee.



I wonder where I can get all the other pictures? Hee. *hint*

Anyway, I’m sick. I have a runny left nostril. Hahaha. Yea, my right nostril is fine. I also have leftover headache from yesterday. Yeay, me. Trying to cheer myself up, I watched The Covenant on DVD. It wasn’t as boring as my friends told me to be, but it’s not exactly a blockbuster hit. The guy who played Caleb was cute. I saw him first on Sky High, as Warren Peace.

I bought a couple of other DVDs as well, but I’m going to watch them with my little boy cousins because it’s much more fun when they’re around.

I could’ve sworn I had a lot in my mind to post about. Darn.


4 responses to “Yoohoo!

  1. Tina.. thank u for coming to the gathering. It was a pleasure to meet U. Pics? check my or Marul’s multiply…till then

  2. Thank you for inviting. :)

    I’ve seen most of the pictures! They turned out to be really good! Hehe.

  3. it looks like you really did have fun =)

  4. We did, and we had tons of that. :) Had a great time overall.

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