E! Extras’ Top 10 Kissable Men

I’ve seen a fair share of E! Extra Top 10s, just watched Top 10 Kissable Men, and I went, “WHAT?!”

The only men I think is kissable, is #8.

#10: Matthew Fox

I don’t watch Lost (simply because I got lost myself in the story), but I’m sure there was some hot guy with intense blue eyes that was not Matthew Fox. Serious. I do get why he’s in the list.

#9: Christian Bale

Anyone care to enlighten me on who this guy is? Kidding. He’s from Batman Begins, right? Not that I’ve watched the movie. Was he in Hulk? I haven’t watched that either.

#8: Rodrigo Santoro

Fell in love with him in Love Actually, and yes, he is indeedy kissable. he should be in the #1 spot. Not kissable in 300, though. LOL.

#7: Clive Owen

Sweety, kissable? Not in my book you’re not. (And at number 7? Seriously?)

#6: Jake Gyllenhaal

I remembered watching him in an old movie, and he was a dork. Now, he certifies okay. I happen to like dorks. ;)

#5: Jonathan Rhys Meyers

I don’t remember him from anywhere, and he doesn’t even look remotely kissable. And I usually like the thoughtful look. ROFL.

#4: Patrick Dempsey

Sorry, but McSteamy can kick McDreamy’s behind on the kissable list. And I don’t get why the two women were fighting over him. Really. And he has bad morning breath in Grey’s! ;P

#3: Hugh Jackman

Don’t know if he’s kissable, but wasn’t he cute when he got Punk’d by Ashton Kutcher?

#2: Orlando Bloom

Kissable only sometimes. All right, only in Elizabethtown. Preferably without facial hair. And with a beanie hat on. Still maybe.

#1: George Clooney

Err. All I can say is, to each their own.

And I typed all this out while I’m trying to watch The O.C. season 3 again. I didn’t finish the season last time, and I don’t know if I can finish it this time around. Season 4 was looking to be a good one, and I hate to miss out on the storyline.

Wish me luck.


14 responses to “E! Extras’ Top 10 Kissable Men

  1. Erm, I wouldn’t kiss any of them! Christian Bale wasn’t in The Hulk (that was Eric Bana). I prefer Ian Somerhalder (Lost) than Matthew Fox, I think he’s the guy you’re talking about. Jonathan Rhys Meyers was in Bend It Like Beckham and Match Point – I used to think his bedroom eyes were sexy, but now it just looks he’s got a permanent eye infection.

  2. Hey?? Where’s Wentworth Miller, Lee Dong Wook or JT?? Kekeke.. #2 shud be #1.i think #1 is so OVER RATED.. Boohoo… old woman’s taste.. haha

  3. Dee; Ooh! Bend It Like Beckham! Jonathon Rhys Meyers was the coach, wasn’t he? Hmm, definitely not kissable then. Hee.

    And yes, it’s Ian Somerhalder, thanks to Google Image Search. Haha. His eyes were intense! He’s no longer in Lost, though, is he?

    Sel, I don’t think they know who Lee Dong Wook is. Haha, I think they’re focusing more on Hollywood, I reckon. #1 shouldn’t be on the list. He should be with Richard Gere in a list somewhere else. Haha. ;P

  4. . . . . . Kissable? How come I don’t see any?

    Where’s my Takeshi Kaneshiro?

  5. Boone!!!! Oh wait, he’s not in the list. I’m talking about Ian Somerhalder’s character in Lost. Yeah, he’s not in Lost anymore-he died in Season 1. Needless to say, I lost interest in Lost after that. Heh.

  6. Atu saja yang kissable kah? Heemm..

  7. Nonnie, #8 very kissable la! Hahaha. Who’s Takeshi Kaneshiro?

    War; Ohh, is his name Boone? Reading your comment at a glance, I’d thought you were talking about your boyfriend! LOL.

    Dee, awu! Inda jua banyak yang kissable. Just one or two, in my opinion.

  8. I know, right. ;) That was sorta intentional. But I really had major crushes on Boone and Boon back then and I don’t crush that often, even with celebrities. Anyway, Boone used to remind me of Boon for a bit hehe. ;) Hee~

  9. aku mau cium christian bale. sekali tah saja besukur tah ku. mun inda cium, menjangkiau pun nda apa2.

    cita cita maurina: cium christian bale.

  10. The #1 dude is known to be the most sought after every since his time during 007…

    I remember in E! 101 most starlicious slimdown, this two guy said, “if George stands beside us holding a bloody leg, the women will still go for him rather than us!”

  11. War, rupanya! Haha. Crushes are really nice to have, but at the same time, it can suck. Haha. I haven’t got any crushes on anyone except for the boyfriend. And maybe a few celebrities.

    Maurina, Christian Bale? Really? (Ooh, you should write down a list, of your accomplishment, and maybe when cita-cita mu tesampai, you can write that down too! LOL.)

    Eff, yea, by women of what age range? Nyeh. Haha. I’d like to think that maybe if they were to put George Clooney in there, might as well throw in a little Richard Gere. Or Tom Hanks. LOL! :P

  12. You don’t know my darling Takeshi? He’s a Chi-panese. LOL

  13. Orlando Bloom shouldnt even be at number 2. He shudnt even be on the list lol. Hmmm.. George Clooney, Jonatahn Rhys Meyers (Yum!) and Hugh Jackman can totally pucker up their lips :P

  14. Nonnie, hahaha, that reminds me of the topic we talked about!! LOL.

    Sha, you don’t like Orlando Bloom?

    And I can only agree on Hugh Jackman there, hehe.

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