Green riddle

I was out with my mother today, getting other things settled, and picking up/sending off my sister in between. Right after my sister’s afternoon class, we had early supper of ambuyat in Batu Bersurat.

So we were sitting there, and she had a question for me.

Little sister: Kucing kakinya berapa?
Me: *thinks, just in case it’s a trick question* Empat..?
Little sister: Kalau krucing?
Me: Err, tiga?
Little sister: Salah! Emprat!


Sorry, there’s no translation to this one, it won’t be as funny. Actually, it won’t be at all.

On another note, I’ve had my eyes on flats recently. I don’t know what they’re really called, flat pumps, pumped flats? LOL. Yea, my attempt to be funny. Anyway, I was surfing for nice ones online, and I really like this:


Yes. In green.



11 responses to “Green riddle

  1. Kenapa ko jawap 3 atu? Haha.

    Anyway, those are really nice flats even though they’re green hehe. But then wouldn’t know what to wear them with if I bought them haha.

  2. Entah! Haha, cali jua my answer atu tu.

    If I had them, I think I’m going to wear them with my green cardi! They’re a good match, don’t you think? :D

  3. Oh yeah I agree, I know the cardigan you’re talking about hehe. I, on the other hand, don’t think I have anything green in my wardrobe huhu.

  4. Then you should buy those shoes to add a little green! :D

  5. Hmm there’s an idea, but I hate green. Lol. ;P

  6. nice shoe!
    was thinking to buy also..

  7. LAWA. I loveeee flats. Hahaha. Indaku tahan berheels nyamu. :lol: But macam mikin sikit dah kasut catu kana produce. Oh and I like the ones with round… dapannya. Haha. I suck in fashion talk. :lol: Obviously… :razz:

  8. War.. I happen to love green. Nanti ko, semua baju ku pakai hijau the next time I see you. Better yet, I’ll ask everyone else to wear hijau also. Haha.

    Dia, it is, isn’t it? I wished I had enough money to buy a pair online. Sigh.

    Atul, haha, it’s okay, I don’t really do fashion talk, but I try. Nantitah we go search for these kinds, yea? Heehee.

  9. Aiyayai sorry. I just don’t do green. Rupanya suka green tah sudah ko ah hehe. :P

  10. OooOOOohh. Lawa those shoes!!! Im slowly changing to flats now. So I’ve been on a look out for nice comfy stylo mylo flats.

    I would wear them shoes with a bright yellow top. Something that ridiculously contrasting but nice. hew hew hew.

    Mama doesn’t like me wearing flats though. she say I walk like a duck. Boohew.

  11. War, yes, it’s one of my favourite colours, hehe.

    Ness, I’m into flats now too, I was so into heels in 2006. Hm. Hey, I wore my green shirt with yellow flats with cute bows on them! Hee.

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