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In my previous post, I have mentioned that I am anal when it comes to playing Monopoly, the board game. Ever since the school holidays started, I have been playing the game five times a week, with my cousins. And so far, I have either won them or made my cousins so tired, they quit. LOL.

So I lied. I don’t have a proper post. I’m putting up pictures of my cousin’s Monopoly Singapore edition. Because it has really interesting dice. LOL.


The board; it is split in half, due to an unexplainable reason.


One of these hotels is mine, but somehow I won in this round.


The dice! The original ones disappeared, and my cousin found two cubes and made them into these roll-able things.

I find my Monopoly experience very fascinating when played with a few shrieks every time someone stops on your property and demand for some money. LOL. I really love playing with my cousins, they would be devastated when I build houses and hotels.

Some would find Monopoly hideously monotonous, but for those who doesn’t, how’s your Monopoly experience like?

P.S.: I myself own a SpongeBob SquarePants edition.

Added: Condolences to Dhil and her family for the demise of her grandfather who passed away in April. Al-Fatihah.


6 responses to “Advanced to Go

  1. I always suck at Monopoly. Never aggresive enough lol.

  2. WAHHHHHH SIUKKKKK!!!!!!! Aku suka monopoly!!! Main eh nanti tani!!!!!!

  3. I like Monopoly! I miss Monopoly! Don’t remember when I last played. Bah the next outing after bowling main Monopoly tani. Haha lain atuya nada kraja lagitu namanya. Hehhe.

  4. awu eh mun main monopoly FREE. hahahaha. kapih jua sudah tu.

  5. Sha, maybe we’ll get to play a round or two with you someday, and we’ll see. ;) Hehe.

    Maw, bahhh, nanti tani main. Lapas tani bowling outing, lepak arah rumah orang. Haha.

    War, siuk ahhh? Banar, liat tah saja tani beimpit-impit kan main Monopoly. LOL!

  6. Hahhaha atu banar Mau!

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