This eclair is mine!

Right-o. It’s my turn. If you’ve read her or her or her blog posts, then you might have an idea of what I’m talking about. Had a Girlytime Bloggers Lunch yesterday at Red Canopy in Batu Bersurat. Impromptu drinks at Fleur De Lys after that as well. It was fun, as there were a lot of laughs, and everyone was comfortable with each other. I don’t know about War, though, she was a bit quiet, but she told us to expect it. Hehe.

Rosie didn’t come for lunch, and it was quite fun ganging up on her. And she is quite Miss Popular, is she not?

We were all being typical bloggers, threatening other bloggers to boycott their blog so that their stats will go down. HAHA. Really, you just had to be there. Speaking of being there, the girls who came were Maurina, War, Dee, Ness, Nonnie, Atul and Rosie.

I have got pictures, but I just realized, I don’t really have many. Maurina took a lot of food, though. So head on over to Flickr for the food shots. I’m just going to post up the ones I like. Hehe.

Supposedly “ghost fingers”, but you can still see who it is. Malu ku, but I kinda like it. Haha. (Stolen off Maurina’s Flickr album.)

Reflection shot at Fleur De Lys. (Stolen off of Nonnie’s Flickr album.)

Guess who eats like this? Hint: she’s the youngest girly blogger there. Teehee. ;)

I could’ve sworn there were more pictures. Go hound the other girls. Hehehe. :D

Ness proposed bowling for next time, girls? She’s got my vote. Hee.


14 responses to “This eclair is mine!

  1. im not good in bowling hhehehe but it willl be fun! so im IN :)

    and thanks for the ‘bit’ of eclair babe! *lol*

    and i aint that popular daleng hehehehe i just know a lot of people i think…. mostly teachers tu yang menagur kelmarin ah hehehe

  2. Looks like you girls had great fun :)

  3. Bowling bowling bowling.. AKU ON!!!!

  4. Rosie, antam saja bowling ah. Hehe. It’ll be tons of fun! We’ll get food and drinks after! Hehe. (And you did realize the eclair was a joke kan? *hugs!*

    Alaa, inda popular kan? Siapa inda kenal Rosie? ;)

    Sha, we definitely had loads of fun! Lots of laughter, after laughter, after laughter. Wish you were here to hang out with us.

    Atul, bah! Can’t wait!

  5. On eh bowling! Aku pun inda berapa. Hehe.

    No worries. Even though I was quiet I had tons of fun and actually felt quite comfortable being there with you guys. :P

    Haha you took a picture of the chip! Cali. Cute ia makan catu haha.

    Ah yes, Rosie Ms. Popular banar! Heheh.

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  7. nyehehe. nyaman chip atu.

    aku mau bowling, nda pernah!

  8. Let’s go! Just make sure we’ll be wearing our own socks!

  9. Woww, looks like funn lahh hehe. Btw, HI TINA! :)

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  11. War, bah lakastah! And you have to open up to us next time for bowling, hehe.

    Aku tekajut ia makan cematu, hahaha.

    Maurina, the things we can’t have are always nyaman. *glares at War* Hahaha.

    Nonnie, YEAY, BOWLING!

    Hi, Rina! It waaasss. You should see the other girls’ posts, it should add up to more fun! :D

  12. Yeah, just maybe. ;)

    Haha adaku ucap ko bitter tu in my blog. I just edited it. ;P Hehe.

  13. I read it! Hahaha, I thought I was bitter as a whole. LOL. I was, like, I was bitter? Inda paham!

  14. tina daleng.. i get the joke :p hehehehehehe… hence the ‘bit’ thingy *lol* and apparently everyone remembered it! haha steady kan..

    and i am still denying it… keke abis ni krg melakat the title ‘miss popular’.. and ‘late comer who prefer sleeping than lunching with girlytime bloggers’ (glances at Nonnie) haha..

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