And I keep wondering

It’s a Friday. Which means a visit with my dad in Kiulap. My uncles, aunts, cousins, mom, sister and I, were reading the surah Yassin, and the tahlil, as per usual. In the midst of the tahlil, I was thinking about my dad’s behavior when he was alive.

Wherever I went with him, be it a visit to the doctor’s, or waiting for my mom to finish discussing how her dress looks like at the tailor’s, his eyes will wander around the place and notice tiny, tiny details. How I know this is due to the fact that he always shares with me. We’d be sitting on wooden chairs, or a very hard sofa, and he’d lean towards me, speak softly and tells me things that he finds interesting.

So I sat there, so near to his resting place, and I thought.. if he were able to tell me what kinds of people who rests with him, he would. And this stupidly puts a smile to my face. In my head, he’d tell me how other people didn’t like the space, or how the famous late Professor Hj. Saedon (sp?) is such a wise man now that he’s met him. Or something. I am creating my own world in my head. Which is silly, really. But keeps him alive in my head and in my heart.

I miss him so.

All right, I’m taking Morrie Schwartz’s advice and move on, because that’s it for today.

Anyway, War posted up pictures from the lunch, and I stole two from her. Here’s one of them. Oh, don’t ask why I’ve donned the tudong again. Someone asked me that around a week ago, and I wasn’t pleased.

Oh, I hope Nonnie or one of the girls writes on the “leave-on shampoo” genius idea. Hehe. ;)


5 responses to “And I keep wondering

  1. Aww that’s sweet, your way of keeping him alive in your head and in your heart. *heart-warming* =)

    Anyway, I like our picture, don’t you? Hee. ;D

  2. I did wrote about the “Leave in Shampoo”

  3. War, I like our picture! Lawa! Hehe.

    Nonnie, I just read pun! Hehe. :D

  4. I like what you wrote about your dad. :smile:

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