New button. :P

You like my new button on the right? I like it. Just a little something to get me in the mood to create more serious stuff. And by that, more stupid buttons!

I’m gonna go watch a movie with my sister now.


6 responses to “New button. :P

  1. heya babe.. we’ve missed you a lot! :)

  2. That’s a cute button. Hehe. ;)

  3. Ka Zian, I miss you too~ And I miss Izzah, and I miss your babu.. I miss kamu lah jua. Hehe. :)

    War, thanksies. Hehehe. I manipulated more images, but it’s up to the readers to be curious and find them themselves. Hee. ;)

  4. ok aku kelawahan layout mu. buttons mu. semua lah ah. aku jeles!

  5. how did u do that?????

  6. Faz, aku buat satu saja button wah. Hehe. Layout andang ada. Header just simple photo manipulation. Hehe. But thank you lah ko suka semua~ Hehe. Jangantah jealous, nanti kalau ku ada masa, ada ku ajar. Hahaha. Nada wah, nada kan di ajar. Plus, inda ku pandai mengajar! (Another story for another time, because that should be in a separate post, hehe.)

    Rosie, do what? My button? With feathered selection, gradient overlays, and that’s pretty much it. Hehe. ;)

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