I fall apart

I’m thinking: lazy days in, watching Korean drama series, eating junk food to no end. Sounds perfectly lazy, don’t ya think?

Hassan, an acquaintance, texted me before the call for Isyak prayer, asked me if I knew anyone who wants to be MC for some event. Thing is, I promised him around four weeks ago? A week or so before my dad passed away, I had promised him. But I had forgotten. My memory, I don’t know how many times I have mentioned this, is worse than a goldfish’s — and I read somewhere on the Internet that it was half an hour, and not the few seconds it was said to be. I digress. I gave him a colleague’s number because I have taken the whole month of June off, so I won’t be seeing anyone who’s capable of being an MC. Hopefully, he won’t be pissed or anything. I hate pissing people off when it’s because of my sheer forgetfulness.

My lecturer also texted me before Isyak. Told me about a job opening at SEAMEO VOCTECH. The position sounds really fancy, and it sounds like it brings in a lot of money. It’s a very good opportunity, and I know I should apply, but I’m really adamant in furthering my studies, and get myself a degree. We shall see what happens.

In other news, I miss designing my own weblog layouts. They were never good, but it feels good to see my own work up. I never got around PHP, and so I let go of the hosting bit of my domain, and stick to the domain name and let my blog be hosted on WordPress.com.

I mentioned that I took the whole month of June off, so I’ll be on air again by July, inshaAllah. Thing is, whenever I get a good night’s sleep, I get dreams. So far, I’ve had five dreams that I remember — two of which I won’t talk about because they’re stupid — and three which are the most stupid. Well, I usually have these dreams, even on normal days (note: normal is before dad passed away), but they stepped up on the stupidity meter. Anyway. I had dreamt that I was working, and I had screwed up. Songs were lined up perfectly, but I forgot to play them, and once I remembered to play them, I did five songs back-to-back. FIVE WHOLE SONGS!

That might not be a big deal to you, but to me, it seemed like a nightmare. Hahaha. Plus, I had this tendency to run out of things to say on air, in these dreams. I was speechless, and I resorted to playing songs. I don’t know. I did tell you they were stupid, though.

I chose a new Multiply layout today. It was made with a few snippets of one of my favourite songs by The Wreckers, The Good Kind. I ended up listening to the song because of it, and I remembered really, really liking this bit in the song: “I’m tired of hiding behind these lying eyes, I’m tired of this smile that even I don’t recognize.” Nice, no? Never mind.

What else? Oh, life is screwing up on its own. But let me not bother you with that, yea?

Thanks for reading. Will post again soon. xx.


4 responses to “I fall apart

  1. I missed those ‘lazy days’.. uwaaa… i must say, u have very wierd dreams.. hehe.. what’s wrong with playing five whole songs?keke… i luuurve yr new multiply layout btw… envy.. :)

  2. Hehe, once you’ve worked, there are no more lazy days. Weird, right? Entah, we’re not supposed to play three songs back-to-back even, unless it’s supposed to be that way. Imagine FIVE! Hee.

    I love my Multiply layout too! Hehe.

  3. I’m getting bored of lazy days. Hehe.

    Why don’t you just try applying and then see how it goes. Eh you already said that. Heheh.

    Oh really rupanya kamu inda buleh play three songs back-to-back. If it’s a non-stop music thing kali lah ah heh.

    The Wreckers do make great lyrics, don’t they? ;)

  4. Haha, I should’ve been bored by now, but I am a chronic lazybum, so I don’t think I’ll get bored that easy. ;)

    About the job, they want the post to be filled in A.S.A.P., so.. yea la.. Liat lah saja.

    Awu, cannot play three songs.. it will create an impression that no one is on the air, methinks. Don’t know why, really.

    I love The Wreckers, but my colleague once made me seem uncool because it’s country-pop-folk-thingy. Hahaha.

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