A sorry excuse of an update

I keep wanting to post, to talk, just about nonsense, but in the end, I’m left with thoughts I don’t want to think about.

What’s been happening? Erm, let’s see.. I miss my dad. I miss the boyfriend. I miss being healthy.

Yep. I am sick. Sick as a.. well, sick person. Please la, I’m allowed to abandon proper speech ability. Or even proper sentence construction. I am sick! I can’t hear properly with my right ear, I have a constant headache and I cough a lot, and it bugs me a lot because I can’t sleep from all the hacking. I’ve been to the doctor’s twice, and both of them told me that I should get enough rest since my immune system is low. Hello. I can’t, I’m so busy with all these things, can you give me something to boost my immune system then?

Sorry, unnecessary anger. Anyway. Been sick, but have got to put up with it because there is just a lot to do.

Why does “being strong” takes so much out of me?

See? I have nothing to post. Maybe I should reply to some of the comments. Let’s see..

Big thanks to War, Wang Ee, Di, Izzah, Syaz, Nana, Ka Ety, Nees, Ka Zian, Amy Heidi, R&AL, Marilyn, Wani, Faz, Emma, Amalina, Pinkie, F, Marlina, Darkness Light, Sza, Eva, Fauzia, Amy, hamba Allah, Aizah, Affy, Sudu, Nazme, Lish and Rosie.

Shanobyl, thank you. I’m so sorry for the loss of your aunt.

SoulJah, yes, he was very proud. He was even more proud when one of my lecturers told him that I was one of her better students and that she has faith in me to actually take up a doctorate! I’m happy he knows.

Zippy, did I ever tell you that my mom knew your late father? Anyway.. I’m still taking those steps to move forward. Somewhat think I’m stuck in a moment.

Ness, when I went to rest after I came home from the emergency, I wished it was all a dream. A premonition of sorts, something to tell me to spend every second with my dad. Thank you for your kind words, in the comment and in your text. Hugs.

Allydee, it came as a shock to me as he was very, very, apa nya orang Brunei? Cakah?.. yea, he was very much so, and, like I mentioned earlier in one of my replies, I’m stuck in a moment.

Leejah, I’m not good with scenes as well, hehe. But thank you for coming the other day. The news about Syiqah’s late mother came as a shock to me too.

SBC, thanks so much for leaving comments. :) Your forgot your “First!”. Hehe. Anyway, it’s now one less person who knows me inside and out, and we all have got to learn to adapt, right? By the by, I need updates. Soon.

Nonnie, he was a good dad. He gave me practically everything I’ve ever wanted and he touched my life the way no one has ever had. He made me who I am today, and I think I’ve got my sense of humour from him. Heehee.

Sel, I thought I was back to normal, hehe. But the times when I was quiet was when I was thinking about the plans we made to go to a studio to get the whole family’s picture taken with my newly-attained HND on Friday. But, as my mom had said, “We can only make plans, everything else is in Allah’s hands.”

Ezah, sometimes I think that he’s in the other room, watching TV, catching his breath, or just looking on as we all do our house chores. I miss him in the way he looks at us, in the way he disapproves or approves of things.. in the way he finds things funny. You know. Things like that.

All right. I think I’m done for today. More soon, when I get my health back and my sense of.. something that I don’t know I lost. :P


11 responses to “A sorry excuse of an update

  1. Serial Blog Commenter



    I know I am more than happy to read whatever you have to say. So rant away, my friend.

    Updates? Ada pulang. Will do, will do :)

  2. Dearest Tina,
    I’m really sorry for your loss and I do feel for you. Get well soon ok,then maybe we can go out ah.. :)

    Btw, you can bring c-SBC along if he wants to.. since he hasn’t replied any of my comments in his blog, its a MUST for him to come along!

    Lotsa love,
    Ka Nudge.

  3. Hope you will get well soon…….

  4. “Being strong” is definitely hard.

    But you’re doing splendid.


  5. *hugs* get better soon huns :)

  6. Dearest Tina..

    ive only just heard.. (been in a bubble for a while)..I’m really sorry for your loss, hun..*hugs*

    Get well soon..

  7. Tina sorry again for the stupid connection last night. yes, i received your text thank you! we’ll sambung our convo soon as i’m home okay? love you.
    take good care of yourself alright? text me if anything…

  8. Awww~ *hugs* get well soon deary…

  9. Get Well soon tina.. take care of ure health… drink lots of water aites…

  10. Hey dear..Get some rest..being strong is not easy. Just let it out..Hope u feel better soon..


  11. You crazy SBC, you. I haven’t got much of a rant, but whenever I do, and whenever it’s password-protected, I’ll let you know! Hehe. Bah bila updates? Make them virtual, if you know what I mean. ;P

    Mamalobengs, thank youuuuu! :) You cheered me up with that phone call, and I received your text two hours after the call! Imagine that. I’m healthier now, but I’ve got so much to do with my mom, so we’ll see, yea? ;) And about SBC, I doubt he wants to tag along. He <em>is</em> quite the hermit.

    Atul, yes indeedy. Hugs back.

    Aimi, thank you, and don’t worry about it. So sorry I didn’t get to tell you firsthand. xoxo.

    Izzah, andangnya bah tu. The connection is telling you to come home as soon as you possibly can. Make sure you do!

    And to Shim, Sha, Sel, Marlina, and Leejah, thanks! Hugs.

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