Congratulations, graduates!

I know I haven’t exactly kept to my promises, saying I’ll be uploading pictures and whatnot, but at least I’ve uploaded them onto my Flickr account. That counts, right? Nyeh. :P

Yesterday, ITB’s 16th Convocation for intake 20 was held at the ICC in Berakas. It was supposed to be on the 19th, but it was postponed to the 21st. It bothered me a lot at first, because it’s my first time hearing the news of a convocation being postponed. Never heard of any other big events having such a thing. But never mind.

I ended up having loads of fun, forgetting about the whole fact that the event was supposed to be held on a Saturday. I took lots of pictures with my friends in the morning event — where our certificates were presented by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, but all of them were taken by my friends’ cameras because mine was with my mom. I will put up those pictures whenever I can get a hold of them, for now..

Here’s one I took with my parents.


I had somehow successfully hid the colossal sleeves in this picture and made myself look close to my normal size instead of a huge giant pumpkin, quoting my mom.

The day ended with a picture taking with HRH the Crown Prince outside the entrance of the ICC, and I was exhausted. There weren’t many activities happening, but I didn’t know why I was tired.

Contemplated on whether or not I want to attend my graduation night, for a little thanksgiving ceremony. I ended up going because my mom enlightened me on the fact that the event was paid for, and it was deducted from our allowances, meaning they’re not just throwing it for the sake of us graduating, we’re throwing it for ourselves! So I went, after an hour’s worth of Z’s. My mom said it was two, but I maintain with the one hour I had.

I went, donned in all black, not that I was mourning or anything, but I had planned on wearing the nice black national attire for the night. I took minimal amounts of pictures because most of my friends have already gone home, and I was left with less than five friends and two lecturers.

I promised them it’ll be in the blog, so here they are. :)


Dr. Sophiana and I. She’s one of my most favourite lecturers. She enlightened me with Java programming, in which I thought I could never understand, but did! I managed to thank her last night for one of the most fabulous years of my life.


Sir Rudy and I. Our final year SDP supervisor. He was my first year lecturer as well, but he went AWOL most of the time because he’s just like that. Haha, kidding. I told him this picture was going to be on my weblog, and he said he’ll check up on it, and I asked, “You know my blog?” I thought only Dr. Sophiana did, but apparently not. He said, “Who doesn’t?” Well, that’s sort of what he said, my memory doesn’t exactly trump that of a goldfish.

Which then makes me wonder, who on earth are my readers?!


And this.. is Ms. Izah, who is happily expecting in August. I am delighted for her, she doesn’t look it, since she has a very petite frame, but I now realize the bump. Teehee. She’s my first year lecturer, and she is the cutest and nicest lecturers I have ever had. Cute abis!

For more pictures, you can click here.

Before I go, here is a picture that I have to post up (simply because both of them read my blog.) This is of Superstar Shim and Dr. Sophiana. (Private joke on the superstar bit. ;))



8 responses to “Congratulations, graduates!

  1. Serial Blog Commenter


    Hopefully it’s not going to get posted twice because something messed up.

    BUSY BUSY BUSY. Nanti I comment more.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS BABE!! I’m so greeeeennn! Siok! :D Will see you pretty soon ~ oxox

  3. yeayyyy!!!! the “academic look” is pretty on you. ;)

    btw, i read your blog!

  4. wheeee congratsssss :)

  5. Congrats doll! Nanti belanja taboo!

  6. Hj. Rudy! Hehe. Wah ia tau your blog hehe. Boh jaga mencari gambarnya karang arah blogku jua ni heheh.

    Oh and congrats! :D Lawa your black baju kurung lah suits you. :)

  7. Congrats gal on ur graduation…did u hear my dedication for u n mike the other day? hehe

  8. Ka, I know Im spoiling the happy moment here but your blog dusn have any tagboard.

    im sorry to hear about your father. my condolences to you and the rest of the family. I will inshallah make it to the tahlil right after i finish my AS exams.

    *hugs. BE STRONG KA. I may not be one of your closest but I do know how close you are with your parents and everything. I hope Liz will be there for you all the time on behalf of us… My prayers for your dad.


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