Congratulations, Amy!

Guess whose wedding I went to today? Amy Zuriana’s. One of my good friends from STPRI in my yesteryears.

I know some of you know her, and so I’ve got pictures to post up.

Will update this post soon! (For now, click here to view the pictures.)


7 responses to “Congratulations, Amy!

  1. Wah, she looks so pretty! I mean, she normally looks pretty anyway, but she looked so much prettier in the pictures!

  2. She does, doesn’t she? If you were there, she is soooo much prettier in person. Lawa berabis ia! Her dress was beautiful and her makeup was flawless. She looks so radiant, most of us who attended (who weren’t already married) wanted to get married! LOL.

  3. Tins! Amy kawin? Pressure, pressure..hahah

  4. congrats on your convocation, babe! :)

  5. Izzah, awu! Well, when we all saw her, we didn’t feel the pressure, but instead, we wanted to get married! We were envious of her! LOL.

    Ka Zian, thanks!! :)

  6. Is she getting thinner, or is it just me?

    Shez lawa lah. Natural beauty~ love love her complexion.

  7. I don’t know.. the time she got thin was ages ago. She’s always been like that, I think. She just got really, really gorgeous when she got married. She’s always been lawa, but yea.. she was extra-lawa on the day. Hehe.

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